Tamar Braxton's Husband Vince Herbert Has Serious Car Accident -- Comes Out Shaken Up But Okay

Tamar Braxton's Husband Vince Herbert Has Serious Car Accident -- Comes Out Shaken Up But Okay
Source: OK Magazine

Just one day after Tamar Braxton had a huge breakdown on her Instagram live feed, her husband is involved in a serious car accident. Vincent Herbert came out on the other side visibly shaken but not seriously injured.

The 44-year-old producer was on his way home when he lost control of his pick up truck and crashed head on into a tree!

At the scene, Vince was seen limping around and understandably upset, but he was just fine considering what had just taken place.

The father of one's airbag on the driver's side was seen deployed, it's most likely why he was still alive.

Cops came to the scene to interview Herbert about the crash that could have very well killed him. They found that there were no factors like drugs or alcohol that played a part in the loss of control.

The reality star husband was probably also wearing his seat belt which is a good reminder for us all when it comes to car safety. After Vince was given the all clear, he was driven to his Calabasas home by a friend.

This is the second time that Herbert has came close to losing his life. The first time was documented on "Braxton Family Values" when he suffered from seven blood clots but recovered with his wife by his side.

Speaking of Tamar, the singer recently took to Instagram live to vent her frustrations and following it up with a cryptic post that read: "I am slowly learning that some people are not good for me, no matter how much I love them."

The R&B songstress never mentioned who she was specifically speaking about, but fans automatically assumed that it had something to do with her husband.

Neither of the stars commented on the recent accident; however, we are glad that he's okay.

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    Suetta Sep 10, 2017 6:46 AM PDT

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  • DivaRay
    DivaRay Sep 4, 2017 9:05 AM PDT

    Grow up act your age! Follow your classy sister Toni...you don't have that much time left in this fickle industry some prettier young singer will come along and it's by by to an already fading singer.

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