Tamar Braxton's First Message To Lauren London Touches Fans' Souls: 'I Ask That His Spirit Haunts You'

Tamar Braxton's First Message To Lauren London Touches Fans' Souls: 'I Ask That His Spirit Haunts You'
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A lot of people have been sharing their thoughts and emotions online after Nipsey Hussle's passing. They have also been sharing their support to his girlfriend who is now heartbroken without her man.

Tamar Braxton was quiet on the subject so far and now she shared a message in which she's citing Kash Doll.

But she also has her own message with which she touches fans hearts deeply.

'Had to repost from sis @kashdoll 😔 @laurenlondon i haven’t been able to post him nor you because literally, the thought of that kind of pain is too great!! U are beautiful in and out and I hope and pray that as your heart breaks min by min hour by hour that God strengthens you with every deep breath,' Tamar began her post.

'I ask that his spirit haunts you. That he speaks to u in your dreams. Shows up throughout your day. Dances with you under the moon when no one is watching, So that somehow, you can find a second of ease. I call on his spirit on your children so they no longer feel the loss, or grief and absence. May you wake and rise up to the feeling of him surrounding you forever more!!! ... as hurtful as this all is, this was written long ago and you and @nipseyhussle Were chosen for THIS task. Fulfill it my sister. amen!!🙏🏼 i love u @laurenlondon and NOTHING is too hard for God!!! He wants you here to continue his vision. You are STILL his life partner. And he STILL needs you in this life and the next!!! You. Can. Do. This!!!! 💕💕🔮 ( the song #trustGod came to me by j. Moss)' Tamar wrote in the caption.

Someone posted 'I haven’t cried for this man I’ve come to love until just now. Beautifully written @tamarbraxton. My deepest condolences to his family, friends, every one of us that mourns this great loss & to his life partner @laurenlondon. Keep moving forward. The “Marathon” continues!'

Another follower said '@tamarbraxton this was written so beautifully, God bless❤️'

One of her fans said 'My soul has literally been shaken up!!! I couldn’t imagine this actually being my own pain to carry! I’ve never prayed harder for a stranger. God please give her strength!'

Someone told Tamar 'Kash Doll had a sweet post, but what you said was beautiful and heartfelt. It touches deep in the soul, bless you ❤️'

Please, keep Lauren lifted up in prayer.

Other than this, Tamar shared a clip on her social media account which shows a scene from the Braxton Family Values are her fans are here for it.

Fans just love the advice Tamar has to give in case of a breakup.


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