Tamar Braxton's Fans Question Why Her New WE TV Show Will Air If That's What Drove Her To Suicide Attempt

Tamar Braxton's Fans Question Why Her New WE TV Show Will Air If That's What Drove Her To Suicide Attempt
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Tamar Braxton is currently being mentally evaluated after what is believed to be a suicide attempt. During his frantic 911 call to get help, David Adefeso mentioned that she was feuding with her network before she ingested pills and alcohol.

Just days after the saddening news, WE TV released an extended clip of her new reality show called Get Ya Life which was produced by Love and Hip Hop creator Mona Scott Young.

Fans took to the clips of the show on Youtube to question why WE TV would go through with their plans of airing the show on July 3oth if it contributed to her attempt to take her life.

One commentator wrote on a preview: 'THIS IS WHY I DON'T BELIEVE IN REALITY SHOWS clearly this woman was trying to change her life around but these TV networks want the drama you hear her say she doesn't want to fight her sisters she doesn't want the fake the drama for ratings.'


Another added: 'WE TV is disgusting. I see what tamar talking about with them. She’s literally in a coma for tryna take her life and they decide to promote her show minutes after the news got out. Sickening.'

While this person said: 'I get what Tamar is saying. Why would they portray her like she is a mess like all us black women instead of showing her winning. I hope and pray OWN picks up this and portrays her in the beautiful light she deserves to be in.'


'The way yall portray Tamar on this trailer is messy, no wonder she’s having a breakdown. yall making her life look crazy, You know this girl can sang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her complete face offff and she has multiple businesses why make her life look like complete drama,' this observer said.

This comes after TMZ reported that the Braxton family is puzzled as to why Tamar's beau mentioned the drama between the singer and producers during the call.

Do you think that WE TV should scrap Get Ya Life?

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