Tamar Braxton's Fans Are Excited To See Her Winning On Celebrity Big Brother

Tamar Braxton's Fans Are Excited To See Her Winning On Celebrity Big Brother
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Tamar Braxton's fans are rooting for her while she's on the TV show Celebrity Big Brother. They're flooding her social media account with various messages and kind words.

Fans encourage her, and they're happy every time she's winning.

Check out the latest post and the fans' enthusiasm in the comments section.

'You almost there I gave up watching regular big brother so win this one please' someone wrote for Tamar.

Another follower tells Tamar: 'I just want to say if it weren't for you @tamarbraxton I would not be watching but I love the show and now got a new show to watch👏 thanks love for all the laughs and the holy dance for Tom Green 🤣🤣 hope you win the show.❤️❤️'

Someone else posted 'Love you on the show @celebritybigbrothercbs you bring so much laughter! I didn’t realize how much of a competitor you are @tamarbraxton i see you. 👀'

A fan said 'I love Tamar. I didn’t like her dance when Tom got voted off. No one ever celebrates even when they are happy when someone gets voted off. But I am thinking it was part of her strategy so lolo and Ricky still think she is 100% working with them. If so I feel bad for Tom, lol but can understand if it’s gameplay.'

Another one of Tamar's supporters told her 'You are doing soooo good! You can tell you watched and a fan of the show. Season 2 best so far💙'

Someone else says that this is 'My first time ever watching the show I'm totally here for Tay Tay ...😍🤣😋 Girl, you keep me laughing... Shout out to my girl Kandi as well. 😘'

A recent video had her fans excited and laughing their hearts out telling Tamar that she should be starring in horrors .


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