Tamar Braxton's Ex-Husband, Vincent Herbert, Sticks Up For Her In Fight Against Boyfriend David Adefeso Years After She Accused Him Of Being Abusive During Their Marriage

Tamar Braxton's Ex-Husband, Vincent Herbert, Sticks Up For Her In Fight Against Boyfriend David Adefeso Years After She Accused Him Of Being Abusive During Their Marriage
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Tamar Braxton is getting some backing from her ex-husband, Vincent Herbert , in her fight against David Adefeso , her most recent boyfriend.

Braxton and Adefeso have accused each other of being violent, and a police report was even filed. In a surprising twist, Herbert blasted Adefeso in leaked text messages for failing to love and protect Braxton.

Interestingly enough, before finalizing their divorce, members of the Braxton family had accused Herbert of abusing the talented diva.

The messages read: "After I make sure Tamar and Logan’s belongings are cleared out of your home, there is no need to contact you, nor for you to never contact Logan. I trust that you will have her watch that’s in your car, various boxes in Logan’s room, and everything else packed neatly so we can have this done privately and quickly."

Here is what Braxton said about Herbert and why they had to get a divorce: "[Yeah, he was jealous] – When he would bring somebody in, it was, ‘Don’t talk to her.’ I didn’t work with any producers. [He picked every single song on my albums]."

Reactions from fans are all over the place when it comes to Herbert's texts.

One person, who supports the business manager, argued: "At the end of the day that is HIS child’s mother so idc what they went through he is a mature man to stand by her and put another man in his place period, like why would dude even run to Vince playing the victim card anyway."

A second commenter chimed in, "Idc what Vince did. Right now, he is stepping in to protect his son and his son's mother. Ppl do grow tf up. No one was concerned when Vince was cool with David..."

This supporter applauded his behavior: "Vincent is being a FATHER!! This is called mature co-parenting!! He’s making sure that their son is safe and that the mother of his child has a man standing up for her!! That’s honorable."

A nuanced voice pointed out: "I still think Tamar jumped into another relationship too quickly. She should have taken some time to heal first. And Vincent shouldn’t be talking because if he was treating her so good, she wouldn’t have left in the first place."

Braxton has dealt with mental health issues for a while, and this year has not been easy for the R&B star.


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  • Neesha
    Neesha Sep 15, 2020 7:37 AM PDT

    I believe tamar and her husband should get back together and work things out and get help an grow has a couple that God has for them to Grow just because we married don't mean we have to break up its ok to spend time apart but true is when to people back each other up keep people out your business and and focused on what God has planned for you both and start praying trusting and believing I know she misses and love her husband I can tell he loves her an will protect her she has to see it he is a man that will protect you and if you really pay attention he really is for you tamar take your husband back an submit to him even the bible talked about wife's submit yourself to your husband and the husband submit himself to God and his family an love her and protect her has christ loves and protects the church I don't normally commit on here but in my spirit I feel the need to open up an say it an if you like you are more then welcome to visit my church one day come hear a good word an received a blessing from God full gosple holy temple fght.gog please cone I'll love to meet you both are my favorite couple to watch

  • Gail
    Gail Sep 14, 2020 12:40 AM PDT

    I think Vincent did the right thing for his son mother. Vince and David have one thing in common , they both abuse Tamar. Umm, with that in mind maybe, it's Tamar fault as well. Tamar acts like she's above the world and above her sisters. Vince wants to make sure his son is safe in Tamar environment. There's nothing wrong with that. Good job Vince. Tamar needs to slow down on dating. She's moving too fast andDavid was a rebound.

  • Queen Mother
    Queen Mother Sep 13, 2020 9:28 AM PDT

    Wow! GOD IS and shall always be amazing! Regarding Vince coming to stand by, cover, and protect the woman who has been his wife for several years and birthed his child. Why wouldn't he? It's called forgiveness. Let's not give emphasis to the reasons and demise of their marriage. This is what Real Men do! Vince, way to go! You go boy! 🎶 'Let's hear it for the boys' 🎶 Now entailing my baby girl, not healing and getting into a relationship too soon after a divorce, She's not the first nor will she be the last woman who has done this; so, stay out of grown folks business, "Have several seats, and Get Ya Life." As a whole, giving emphasis to the good deeds of a person, is more rewarding, nourishing, and such a blessing, as well as uplifting for the mind, body, and soul. Give God the Glory for His love and mercy. Amen Blessings and favor to Vince, Diva Princess and Junior. Sincerely, Queen Mother💋😘

  • James Smallwood
    James Smallwood Sep 13, 2020 9:28 AM PDT

    The grass always looks greener on the other side until we get there

  • Ann
    Ann Sep 13, 2020 8:13 AM PDT

    I think David is a nice well taught young men . Love Tamar from a distance she's trouble. Don't taint your reputation brother. Tamar talk she love God so much. Her reactions show different. Girl come back real to your first love Jesus for it's too late.

  • Kimberly Bacot
    Kimberly Bacot Sep 13, 2020 7:27 AM PDT

    It is highly possible that Vince is a Narcissist too. It has been proven that after ending a relationship with a Narcissist, that you're next relationship will more than likely, by 90% be with another Narcissist. This is why time and healing is very necessary after ending a relationship with a Narcissist. Once you heal, you're able to point one out anytime and anywhere, even with family and friends.

  • edna
    edna Sep 13, 2020 7:27 AM PDT

    I always felt Vincent really really loved Tamar he's a good Man. If I was her I'm back with Vincent.

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