Tamar Braxton's Boyfriend Yemi Catches The Holy Spirit In Wild Video As Vincent Herbert's Ex Performs While Drunk

Tamar Braxton's Boyfriend Yemi Catches The Holy Spirit In Wild Video As Vincent Herbert's Ex Performs While Drunk
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Even when she is super drunk, Tamar Braxton delivers an epic vocal performance because she is that good.

Over the weekend, Tamar had an epic bash for her 42nd birthday. The diva hit the club with a few friends, and of course, she partied the night away by drinking too much alcohol.

Despite being intoxicated, Tamar was handed a microphone where she gave fans a mini-concert they will not soon forget.

While Tamar was belting out the tune and the crowd was going wild, the sweetest thing happened -- her businessman boyfriend, Yemi, was in awe of her amazing talent.

The Nigerian entrepreneur looked at Tamar with so much love, and he could not control himself and had to stand up and dance and applaud her stellar performance.

Tamar said this about the sweet moment: "When u are too drunk to sing, but yo SANGAN a$s homegirl got cha back🍀🤷🏽‍♀️ love my @lalahhathaway #happybirthdaytome #ihaveAMAZINGfriends."

She added: "Why did @jameswrightchanel hand me a mike after so many shots 🤦🏽‍♀️🍀😂."

One fan had this to say about the video: "Yassss Tay.....that man is so into you it’s all over his face. Keep enjoying life sis 👏🏾👏🏾❤️Somebody said sitting down thou ... ya don't remember she like sitting & recording. Vince would ask her to stand, but Tay knew best. Her boo like that's all me!!..Go Tay tae."

This supporter wrote: "The fact that Bae stood up and was jamming to your voice tho 😩😩😍Yes she did that sitting down!!! That’s why I love me some Tay Tay!!!!❤️💕That's why she is one of my favorite singers. The best voice in the industry!! PeriodT....point...blank!!!❤️"

This person had this to say: "Oh she was SANGIN from the Thang 😍😍😍 Yasss Hunni😘😘😘Yesssss... I saw you from across the room. By the time I got up, everyone started to leave. You looked beautiful... ❤️ SANG it girl ❤️❤️❤️. The expressions of your guy to the right says everything. The boyfriend was loving it. I love it Tamar..please start back singing and making albums.!"

Some fans joked that Tamar's voice will push Yemi to give her the ring and the babies she has been dreaming of.

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  • Jessie Wilson
    Jessie Wilson Mar 19, 2019 8:49 AM PDT

    These days when Celebrities do things that most consider out of character they are so judgmental and cruel but you know when we begin to look at the bigger picture think about the pain that a person is experiencing. We are all human and just because we're in the public's eyes doesn't make us any different than any person....leave Tamar alone, leave Wendy alone let go of the pettiness and visit the skeletons in your own closet more so examine your heart...

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