Tamar Braxton's Boyfriend, David Adefesso, Is Being Dragged Amid Break-Up Rumors -- Fans Expect Some Big News From The Couple

Tamar Braxton's Boyfriend, David Adefesso, Is Being Dragged Amid Break-Up Rumors -- Fans Expect Some Big News From The Couple
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Tamar Braxton has the rumor mill spinning and running wild at this point. Recently, the singer and reality TV star decided to delete all the posts and photos she had on her Instagram page.

Her millions of followers have been wondering is her romance with businessman David Adefesso in peril. The impressive vocalist created more confusion by posting an odd tweet.

Meanwhile, David has been posting regularly on social media, and critics are going after him for no reason at all.

One person said: "You seem so unbothered that u and Tamar aren’t together anymore that’s interesting."

This social media user shared: "Life goes on when folks break up.....it could've been something brewing behind closed doors anyway that we the public wouldn't have seen."

Others have a theory that Tamar is starting over and will make an announcement soon about her life and career.

One backer stated: "Tamar never said, “Me and David aren’t together.” She deleted her posts because she’s rebranding for when she releases new music. What she did say was that her life is her life and for people to stop reaching.she’s rebranding and getting ready to release new material."

This follower revealed: "I was starting to get confused because I knew I just saw a post last week with both of them kissing and loving all on each other. I was about to say something happened real quick if they were not together.😁🤣🤣"

This follower explained: "Just like Tamar went to confirm her and Vince not being together, she will do the same if that’s the case for her and David I really need people and not just you, to really stop taking little things that Tamar does or says as she is breaking up with David. She is starting over. She is making room for better things. And David confirmed that."

A fourth supporter stated: "I don’t like all that Nonesense from all this online drama posting fake news!!! I just read!!! Tamar dumps African boyfriend!!! I know that’s a fat lie!!! Why are people so evil and always like to inject evil negativity in the air to destroy other people’s happiness.. we all have to be prayerful always... Enemies are real oooo Pray pray always. Tamar and David are covered with the blood of Jesus Amen."

Tamar is uncharacteristically silent for now.

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  • Sharon
    Sharon Feb 22, 2020 12:35 PM PST

    I'd always felt that if any man was interested in Tamar, he would've been desperate for a mate. She seems to require too much energy.

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