Tamar Braxton's Boyfriend, David Adefeso, Pens Her A Message That Has Fans Asking Many Questions

Tamar Braxton's Boyfriend, David Adefeso, Pens Her A Message That Has Fans Asking Many Questions
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While social distancing due to the coronavirus means that Tamar Braxton could not have the lavish birthday party she had hoped for, that does not mean her boyfriend, David Adefeso, was not going to shower her with love in a public manner.

The businessman took to social media, where he posted a gorgeous photo of the diva and reality TV star and explained how his life has changed since they started dating two years ago.

David wrote: "Little did I know walking into that busy restaurant nearly two years ago that the course of my life would change so dramatically. From the sun-baked streets of Lagos to the white sands of Montego Bay and the bustling city life of suburban Mexico, you have been on a journey with me filled with laughter, tears, hope, and never-ending love. Through it all, your friendship has been invaluable, your counsel irreplaceable, and your love unshakeable. Nothing prepared me for the complete and never-ending joy I experience with you every day."

He added: "And no matter what thick clouds appear in the horizon, the sunshine of your smile, the purity of your heart and the kindness of your words never fail to reinforce the strength of the unbreakable bond that is the love we share. You are my heart, you are my joy, you are my future, and you are my friend. Happy birthday, my @tamarbraxton. You are the most beautiful girl in the World, and I can’t wait to see what amazing surprises for the next 45 years bring us."

Many people asked David when he will marry Tamar because he is already 50 years old, and they have expressed their desire to have a family together.

One person said: "To be honest, I was expecting a wedding after she met his parents. That's how a lot of Nigerian men roll.🤷🏽‍♀️ But I wouldn’t go so far as saying he or Nigerian men (when loving a woman)loves everything about her, including family, world, pet, etc..... more like more accepting. Let’s be real. Her lifestyle is pretty over the top. You have to be a special man to deal with that. Let’s wish them the best. I want them to be happy."

This follower stated: "Yes, I understand how my countrymen do things but try to understand some of them to do things differently. We don’t know anything about them, and I don’t want to know about someone else’s life either. They might be taking things lil by lil like an adage in my culture !!! We cook slowly and slowly until the food is done perfectly well. Some Nigerian men act differently, and special men like that take their time to understand what they are going for, especially not having been married before. I have male brothers, cousins, nephews, and friends, and I understand totally well about men’s world. It’s all about patience, love, and understanding.. David is a good man and came from a well respected and responsible family. Time will take its course... let’s continue loving them and praying for them. I wish fans will stop being nosey about them😊marry or no marrying yet syndrome should stop.. special men do their thing special and at the perfect time."

Another backer wrote: "I hope they get married soon too. But something is up, causing most African men to know fast if they wanna marry you are not especially at this age."

Tamar has evolved in the past years.

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  • Dawn
    Dawn Mar 20, 2020 1:08 PM PDT

    Well we all know he can talk the talk...so let’s see if he’ll walk the walk & put a ring on it & marry her crazy self!!!

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