Tamar Braxton's BFF, Tiny Harris, Shows Love And Support As She Mourns LaShawn Daniels

Tamar Braxton's BFF, Tiny Harris, Shows Love And Support As She Mourns LaShawn Daniels
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Both Tamar Braxton and her good friend, Tiny Harris, have taken to social media to remember LaShawn Daniels.

Tamar wrote: "Lashawn, I thank you. I love you. I miss you. πŸ’”I promise to tell Beans how funny and talented his half Godfather was. You were truly the best of the best. It’s been so hard these past few days...there was so much left to say, laugh and cry about. My heart aches.πŸ’” Goodbye, friend."

Tiny added: "I know man... u guys have a real long amazing history... this is really so sad!!! Love u, Tay.πŸ’”πŸ˜˜"

A tragic car accident has taken the life of LaShawn, according to recent reports. The cause of death was confirmed by Daniels' wife in a brief statement after the news broke out that the songwriter had passed away. LaShawn was 41 at the time of his death.

Many of his friends and relatives have been pouring out their hearts on social media, and his death is deeply mourned by the entire music industry.

Various prominent names stepped forward with their own statements as well, and it looks like many are still in shock over what happened, and are refusing to accept that Daniels is actually dead.

Some even pointed out that they had plans with Daniels for the coming weeks, and could not get over the fact that he was simply not there anymore.

Social media has exploded after the incident, and many have taken the opportunity to express their feelings about Daniels and his work, praising him for some of his best-known works.

Meanwhile, others have been sharing photos of the music maker from various events, taking his fans on a trip down memory lane through his life.

The exact details of the fatal car crash that took Daniels' life remain unknown, and more information is likely to come out in the next days as the dust settles.

The wife of LaShawn, April, has refused to comment more on the situation after confirming the cause of his death.

As can be expected in a situation like this, some of his fans have been speculating that there might be more to the story than they are hearing.

One comment read: "I can't believe La is no longer with us. Such an amazing dude. Life is fleeting. Cherish it and those closest to you. πŸ™ŒπŸ½"

The music industry is mourning.

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