Tamar Braxton's BFF Just Launched A Photography Website - See Her Post

Tamar Braxton's BFF Just Launched A Photography Website - See Her Post
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Tamar Braxton shared a post in which she is praising her BFF. She tells everyone that he just launched his photo website and you can check out her message here.

'My pumpkin @woadysworld just launched his photography website he’s captured some of my favorite photos of me you too can get the beautiful pictures of youself, your business your whatever….you have always wanted!! Check it out and book your dream shoot [email protected],' she said.

Fans praised her friend's talent and they made sure to show this in the comments.

Tamar also went to a gospel concert recently and she shared footage from there as well. Check it out below.

'Omg!!! This is my first time going to a gospel/ Christian concert outside of church and let me tell you how AMAZING this show is!!! My good buddy and who I like to call the @babyface of gospel @jonmcreynolds ☺️ And that chocolate super star @malimusic have an album out together so they went on the road together and ima tell it to u like this…. Miss it if you want to!! Whew!! I’m STUCK in that room!! Y’all it’s soooo goo congratulations guys!!'

Someone said: 'They can say what they want bout tay but she got a special way of feeling ushering capturing the Holy Spirit. The saints been saw you Tay.'

A commenter posted this: 'My best friend & I saw Jonathan in Memphis a couple years back. He’s been the truth, the anointing is REAL & the worship was fire!'

A fan said: 'See this is God I love it! Love you Tay.. Keep the Faith and Love of God in you everyday, along the way and watch Him work through you like never before ... Amen.'


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