Tamar Braxton's BF, David Adefeso Talks Wealth And Health - See The Video

Tamar Braxton's BF, David Adefeso Talks Wealth And Health - See The Video
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Tamar Braxton 's BF, David Adefeso, created his very own YouTube channel on which he's been posting various useful financial advice and more. The other day, David had the most interesting conversation with Von Scales.

Tamar shared the video on the Braxton Values YouTube channel, and you can check it out below. David and Von Scales are talking about wealth and health.

This is what David was posting a while ago o0on his IG account: 'Come join @vonscales and I today at 1PM/PST (4PM/EST) on IG Live for a candid one on one chat on ways to maximize your wealth and how to protect your assets during this difficult time. The wealthy use these strategies so why can’t you? #DavidAdefeso #Money #DollarsandSense #wealth.'

A follower said: 'Hope Von saved the live. I thoroughly enjoyed need to take notes though. Peace and blessings,' and someone else posted this message: 'I didn't know you Nigerian. Good so proud of my Nigerian people.'

One other commenter said: 'David has been also teaching his fans all about stocks and investing during the coronavirus.'

A follower posted this: 'Can’t wait for more on picking I have been playing with stock since 2000 Home Depot was my first because I was working there and I think I bought it at a discount most employees who came when I did were investing I sold it 2005 when I left. I used some of the money for my son's catholic school and the rest into other companies. I think I left at a good time because I left Pre Super Walmart and Amazon etc. My son is 22 now but maybe you can also talk about the B525 plans people invest in for their children. I’m going to send this to my son he’s still working during this because he’s a ER RN. He’s thinking to 20 years from now too.'

Have you seen David's live the other day?

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