Tamar Braxton's BF, David Adefeso Offers People Advice On How To Break The Chains Of Mediocrity

Tamar Braxton's BF, David Adefeso Offers People Advice On How To Break The Chains Of Mediocrity
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Tamar Braxton's boo, David Adefeso continues posting his useful clips on social media. He's been giving fans and followers precious advice on how to take care of their money and wealth for a long time, even before the pandemic.

People have been really grateful to David for posting these kinds of videos and for offering them useful financial tips and tricks.

Check out one of his recent posts.

'Click on the link in my bio above to join me live on Youtube TODAY, Monday April 27th at 3PM/PST (6PM/EST).
The 99% and their children are in danger of PERMANENTLY falling behind the 1% in wealth, power and lifelong opportunities.
I will give you concrete tools and strategies to help you BREAK THE CHAINS OF MEDIOCRITY and rise to achieve your true potential; and your true potential is defined only by the size and scope of your imagination. CLICK on the link in my bio above or TYPE my name (David Adefeso) in the YouTube search box,' David captioned his post and you can check out the complete YouTube video below.

A commenter said: 'I can’t wait to watch. I already subscribed to your YouTube. Thank you so much for all the great advice. No one else is teaching us these things!'

One other follower told Tamar's man: 'Thank you very much David. Very good information. Very informative.'

Lots of people are usually hopping in the comments section on IG and YouTube as well to congratulate David for his initiative and to offer their gratitude for what he's been doing for the community, especially during these hard times we are living in.

Here's another useful video that David shared on YouTube. This one is about taxes:

'Nothing eats into income and destroys wealth like TAXES. Many Americans pay 60%, 70%, and even up to 80% of their income in taxes and don’t even know it. Although taxes are a necessary evil, many LEGAL ways exist to minimize and even eliminate some of the taxes you pay. Today, I show you how many of the Millionaires and Billionaires I work with protecting their income and wealth from taxes, and hopefully save you lots of money. Join me every MONDAY @ 3 PM/PT (6 PM/ET).'

Fans were grateful for this video as well.

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