Tamar Braxton's BF, David Adefeso, Leaves Nothing To The Imagination In New Video

Tamar Braxton's BF, David Adefeso, Leaves Nothing To The Imagination In New Video
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Tamar Braxton shared the sultry music video for the song, "Crazy Kinda Love," that samples Whitney Houston's classic hit, "Saving All My Love For You."

The Braxton Family Values star delighted many fans with the track, but they had assumed that she was retiring from music after her major announcement and the release of Bluebird of Happiness in 2017.

Tamar's big return with the sexy and sultry jam also included a very steamy surprise courtesy of her real-life boyfriend, David Adefeso.

The businessman appears in the clip where he is wearing only his underwear while Tamar sings the tune away. Of course, her supporters are drooling over David and her sweet love affair.

One person said this: "Yeszzzz, I was like ayeee ! But. I’m his page wish happy birthday is Nigerians swear or try soup up some mess Nah he did some for Tamar break down cry at that music awards and on twitter yeah."

Another supporter explained: "That's true. I did check her page after I read it, and all his pics were gone. Well, if they made it back together with good for her, she deserves love."

A music lover stated: "Oh, she got her man in the video 🤣I’m literally crying I’m so happy you’ve made your return. Almost started singing Saving all my love for you 😍.. yes this is gon be 🔥."

In a recent interview, Tamar opened up about the song by saying: "I think one where your guard is completely down and all your rules and all of the things that you feel like will not make you lose control in a relationship go out of the window. It doesn't matter what a person does, and you just love them so much you're willing to work it out, instead of all of your rules holding you back from loving somebody completely. And I'd like to say I've been there before! [Laughs]. That just goes to show you that sometimes you have no control of love, you know? You can't pick the person that you fall for. Sometimes it does work out in your favor when you let your guard down, but sometimes there are certain signs where you let that guard back up. Sometimes we love people so much that we ignore those signs, and it's to our detriment."

Tamar's "Crazy Kinda Love" will be featured in the True to the Game 2 film.

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