Tamar Braxton's BF, David Adefeso Explains People Why It's Important To Protect Your Assets

Tamar Braxton's BF, David Adefeso Explains People Why It's Important To Protect Your Assets
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David Adefeso continues the financial advice that he's been giving his fans and followers for a while. Check out the most recent video that he shared on his social media account.

'Why Protecting Your Assets is Important Irrespective of whether you have a home, a business, a portfolio of stocks or even just a bank account, you are one bad lawsuit away from losing it all,' David began his post.

David continued and said: 'On my YOUTUBE channel I show you the specific steps the wealthy 1% use to protect their assets; tangible tools and strategies you too can use to keep your assets for you and your family and to make sure you don’t fall victim to the lawyers.
Click the link above in my bio or type in my name in the YouTube search box; and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so you get a first look at all the great content I will be putting out to help you and your family. #DavidAdefeso #Money #Wealth #Assets.'

A lot of fans praised David for offering such useful advice to his fans.

One commenter said: 'This is definitely the kind of information our community need to hear......thank you so very much!' and another follower posted this message: 'Yaaas David! I needed this information, Thank you.'

Another follower posted this message on David's IG account: 'Lots of people don't like talking about death. Especially in Africa. My Nigerian people think writing a will means death....to cover all kids...just put....eg 80% of money in the trust to be split evenly between all my children.... current and future. Now to spouse who I am living with at time of death 10% to spouse and 10% charitable donations.... siblings and anyone else and particular assets to the individual people names.'

A lot of people have been showing their gratitude to David for these useful videos .

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