Tamar Braxton Wears A Blonde Wig At Work And She Complains On Instagram - Check Out Her Latest Video

Tamar Braxton Wears A Blonde Wig At Work And She Complains On Instagram - Check Out Her Latest Video
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Gorgeous Tamar Braxton tells her fans that she had to wear a wig because she worked but she doesn't seem too happy about the idea. Check out her reasons and the short clip below.

'I had to work today, so I had to put this wig on? its too hot bih??‍♀️ y’all can have that shit✌?its 100 degrees☀️ I’m sweating in my tits??? p.s. i did my OWN make up ?' Tamar captioned the video.

'@tamarbraxton I love you either way and your make up is beautiful xx ❤ #tamartianalways' one of her followers said.

'@tamarbraxton good morning wonderful, let me start off saying I was just joking I love love love you. I am called Tamar all the time my daughter even sent me a pic with us side by side. Oh and my mouth??‍♀️ I meant no disrespect but I was speaking about when you were on the Steve Harvey show and you said that your wigs were for sale and you wouldn’t be needing them anymore. Be blessed and walk in your truth,' another fan apologized after slamming her for wearing a wig again.

'i think it’s something great to be said for a woman of your caliber to do your own beat! Sure you could have paid big dollars and got the most talented mua around....but why when you can do it too?? Either way, kudos to you and all your slayage and thanks for continuing to be an inspiration!!!' one fo Tamar's fans praised her.

'You look great sis. People always have something negative to say when it comes to your own choices. For the life of me, I just don't get it. Why what others say, do, wear, or go is so important to others? As long as you're happy with the choices and decisions you make for your own life, that's what matters. Put a praise on that. Amen,' someone else gushed over Tamar and gave her some advice.

'please tell me you and Vince are not back together I never did like the way he treated you,' a concerned fan posted.

We can't really say whether she is back with Vincent Herbert or if she meets him just for the sake of their child.


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