Tamar Braxton Wants To Have More Children With Boyfriend Yemi -- Here Is Why Estranged Husband Vincent Herbert Could Be Their Father

Tamar Braxton Wants To Have More Children With Boyfriend Yemi -- Here Is Why Estranged Husband Vincent Herbert Could Be Their Father
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Could it be that Tamar Braxton is pregnant? Well, the real question; is she having Vincent Herbert's baby? Tamar has been flaunting her new boyfriend, Yemi, on social media for the past months.

They have been on romantic vacations and spent the Christmas holidays together.

Tamar has even met Yemi's family in Nigeria, and she spoke about marrying and having children with her new man.

However, in a new interview with Raquel Harper of BET’s Raq Rants , Tamar confessed that she will get pregnant soon and it might be Yemi's baby, or she could use embryos that she and her estranged husband, Vince, have frozen when they were trying to have cutie pie Logan.

Tamar said she is still struggling with infertility issues and went on to say she will make sure she has more kids either with Yemi or Vince.

The diva confessed: “I don’t know how they’re going to get here, but I really would like to have some more. They just don’t stick. Before I had Logan, I had infertility issues. I didn’t know it. And so Logan is my miracle baby. I went through IVF and didn’t have to use my embryos. I got pregnant right after.”

She went on to state: “I have three kids in the freezer still. Two boys and a girl. Vince is the daddy to all of them.”

In a past post, Tamar explained: "Logan is such a blessing. He's like my best friend. But I know that I have the gift of responsibility to be the woman that he has to look up to. And I will not fail at that."

She added: "Everybody in the world can give up on you, but you cannot give up on yourself. And that’s just the bottom line through IVF, through your career, through your relationships, to your goals. The minute you give up, that’s when it’s over. You can’t give up. You have to make that promise to yourself that no matter what, I am not going to stop until I succeed at my goal. It’s a long road to get there, but sometimes it’s the universe changing to make things better for you."

One confused fan told Tamar: "If you're going to get a divorce, I think they should talk about those embryos first especially if she wants more kids you never know he might not be on board for it especially if they're not together 🤔."

Another commenter stated: "Ummm I def would not have any more from him. I'd pick someone cute with excellent genes #ijs."

Tamar is full of surprises.

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  • Louise_1
    Louise_1 Jan 20, 2019 8:51 AM PST

    I honestly cannot see what any man could see in Tamar Braxton.

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