Tamar Braxton Wants Her Marital Status Changed To 'Single' Now

Tamar Braxton Wants Her Marital Status Changed To 'Single' Now
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It seems that Tamar Braxton is sick and tired of playing all kinds of games with the courts. The woman wants her marital status changed to single now.

The Shade Room and The Blast know more on the subject and here's what they revealed recently.

Tamar is reportedly pushing for a judge to change her marital status back to single, according to the latest reports.

TSR writes that 'Although Tamar is still working out the kinks of her divorce with her estranged hubby Vince Herbert, she has asked the court for a 'status only divorce', which would make her single by law, @blast reports.'

TSR continued and said that 'Tamar and Vince are reportedly still working out monetary support and child custody agreements in their divorce. But Tamar makes it very clear in court documents that she wants no parts of the 'Herbert' name any longer. '

Tamar is basically seeking the dissolution of her marriage with Vincent.

A lot of fans are supporting Tamar in her decision.

Someone said 'I mean she is in a whole new relationship and went through alot with Vince... I wouldn’t want his name or the title either 🤷🏾‍♀️.'

Another follower posted 'She is ready for that chapter to be closed, I respect it. Single her please!'

One commenter wrote 'Brave enough to say goodbye and life will reward you with a new HELLO😎❤️'

A person is not here for what Tamar is doing: 'I can’t understand why people get a devoiced and be so eager to jump right in another relationship! 🤷🏽‍♀️But to each it’s own.'

Someone else has some great advice: 'Word of advice: 🗣🗣 Do what makes YOU truly happy. Never settle for ‘good enough.’'

Even if some people are criticizing David Adefeso, Tamar's new BF diehard fans keep saying that they have never seen her this happy.

These two have decided to take their relationship to the next level, and fans are wondering if she might be pregnant.

Tamar recently took social media where she confirmed that  she had moved in with David Adefeso .


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