Tamar Braxton Tries To Find Nuance In R. Kelly's Messy Situation And Gets Dragged For It -- Vincent Herbert's Estranged Wife Was Forced To Delete Message

Tamar Braxton Tries To Find Nuance In R. Kelly's Messy Situation And Gets Dragged For It -- Vincent Herbert's Estranged Wife Was Forced To Delete Message
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One of the only celebrities to defend R. Kelly was Tamar Braxton, and it did not take very long for the Internet to drag her to the moon and back forcing her to delete her message.

While Surviving R. Kelly was being aired on Lifetime and the documentary was trending on social media, a long list of artists including John Legend, Meek Mill, Chance the Rapper, and Ne-Yo distanced themselves from the R&B legend who has been accused of despicable crimes against young women.

Unlike Bill Cosby, R. Kelly has not been convicted for the alleged heinous acts.

Tamar, who has been on tour with R. Kelly on several occasions, shared a tweet saying others in the industry are doing worst, and they are not being crucified.

Vincent Herbert's estranged wife wrote: "Yeah he did that BS, but the rest of Y’all punk a**es did the WORK 4him 4yo f**kin benefit! Everyone stood back & watched & did NOTHING! Then so quick to nail Rob 2the cross! Y'all R just as guilty.”

After being destroyed on social media, Tamar eliminated the post and explained: "This is why I deleted it. Because not ONE OUNCE of me agrees with what he has done. As a survivor, I have learned that you can’t acknowledge one abuse without the other. It’s all f**ked up!!”

She went on to say: "Ya know...sometimes when you are not fully healed ( u never will be) u shouldn’t watch certain things. I didn’t know it would bring up so many emotions for me! Now I’m ANGRY AF, with Everyone! I wish I didn’t watch the r — Kelly doc. I won’t be watching it anymore. It’s TEW much 🤦🏽‍♀️."

People are still going after Tamar for not distancing herself from Kelly. One of her followers said: "Yes most of the abused people abuse others, but he’s a grown man it’s no excuse for a grown man to rape underage girls! Tamar, you are a stupid girl .if you support R Kelly you are canceled too!!! Dont @ me but I'm sickened by the way you've been sticking up for r kelly."

Another commenter stated: "Hi. Hope you watched the lifetime series by now. Seeing your comment on that Monsters page encouraging him, is messed up. Hopefully, you can delete it, not because your fans would like to see that, but because these young ladies could be your niece, sister, daughter or friend Aunty Tamar. 🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️"

The third person shared: "I saw that you actually worked with R-Kelly, so are you one of the ones who “let it happen”?Why are you still following R Kelly? Have you not seen the lifetime series? Damn Tay...sad to learn you support R Kelly 😞. “Damnnnnnnnnn Ginaaaaaaaa!” as a fan seeing you follow such a monster is disheartening. Therefore I will no longer support or listen to your music until you stand by what’s right!"

Tamar does not follow trends; she sets them.

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  • Elder Antionettea Etienne
    Elder Antionettea Etienne Jan 7, 2019 1:05 PM PST

    Cancel Tamar. She is part of the group that allowed those young women to be abused. She knew & did nothing. Why????

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