Tamar Braxton Touches A Sensitive Subject About Grief - She Reveals A Heartbreaking Story To Her Fans

Tamar Braxton Touches A Sensitive Subject About Grief - She Reveals A Heartbreaking Story To Her Fans
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Tamar Braxton is talking to her fans about a really sensitive subject - it's about grief. She mentioned on her social media account the passing of Andree Harrell, and she also brought up her late niece - she would have just celebrated her birthday, and Tamar is really saddened these days.

Check out the message that she shared on her social media account below.

'I had no Idea why my anxiety was so bad. My chest was hurting, my heart was beating fast, I thought It was the news about the amazing Andre Harrell. That hurt bad.....& then it hit me 💔 today is @lolobrax birthday. Some of us deal with things differently and I recall how I was attacked because my grief was so bad, I didn’t know how to handle it. Well, today, it still may not be the best way but this is my mood,' Tamar began her message.

She continued and wrote: '🤢💔i refuse to put up another picture. It angers me, saddens me and it makes it too real although it is. AND I DONT HAVE THE TIME FOR ANY OF IT!! I’d rather celebrate you here.. I’d rather call u and tell u how beautiful you are and how proud I am, I’d rather spend my time yelling at you and tell u to get your life together... but you beat your face and at least you look good trying to figure it out😩🙄not this‼️‼️😔 not this kind of celebration.... when You are not here.... i don’t have the time...happy earthly #26bday @lolobrax love u forever.'

A follower said: 'Go ahead and drag my good sis in these comments so I can sit y’all down.. rip Lauren and happy birthday babygirl❤️ and as for you Tamar, we know you’re a sensitive big-hearted person. You shouldn’t have to explain your grief but unfortunately, that’s how things are nowadays.. us tamartians and many more are sending you all the love and prayers to you & your family right now!'

One other commenter said: 'I had anxiety for the first time this year and I never felt before and I honestly thought I was about to have a heart attack but it was just my nerves it’s definitely not something to play with though.'

A come enter said: 'Everyone grieves differently.. do what u need to get past the pain. Praying for you,' and someone else posted this: 'Praying for you guys. And it’s ok to feel how you feel. Take this time for you and just breathe and meditate to calm your nerves. Just breathe.'

Someone else wrote: '@tamarbraxton I’m so sorry...I know that pain is too much to bear. She's still with you love, in spirit- a beautiful angel watching over you babe. We love you.'

Lots of people offered Tamar support in the comments.

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