Tamar Braxton To Meet Her Boyfriend's Mother In Nigeria -- Fans Tell Her To Drop The Attitude Before Next Week

Tamar Braxton To Meet Her Boyfriend's Mother In Nigeria -- Fans Tell Her To Drop The Attitude Before Next Week
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Things are heating up between Tamar Braxton and her new Nigerian of a businessman boyfriend.

In a bizarre exchange, Tamar revealed that she is set to meet her boyfriend's mother in Nigeria next week.

Vincent Herbert's estranged wife was warned by many of her fans to be careful because some Nigerian men are polygamous and she might have to share her sexy and educated man with six other women.

This was her response:

One fan replied: "I can't tell with all this hate coming towards Black American women because all of you mad she's dating a Nigerian, but whatever helps all of you low self-esteem issues. The xenophobia.the wives part not the lions and goats part lol. A lot of African men are polygamous. They do have many wives and many kids, and more often than not, they’re never honest about it from the beginning."

Another person said to her: "Sometimes that grass isn't as green on that other side as you may think. You had better be careful with this one. Dating someone from another country can be very tricky, especially if you are not aware of their language. Hope say d guy dey legit... all guys are just after the wealth and green card huh???? "

This person told Tamar to tone it down: "She's really feisty talking about coming here for his mother's birthday ?. First of all, I'm too sure her man is Yoruba and second of all Tamar with your running mouth and over the top attitude your man's mother will decimate you. Nigerian mothers don't have time for your neck twisting, eye rolling and lip smacking they will HUMBLE you lmfao. You gon be cold and wrapped under a million blankets in the Nigerian heat by the time your bfs mama gives you the look or some shade or some outright rrebuke. She will get Tamar all the way together! Put that attitude on check before you travel to meet her! Nigerian men know how to take care of their women. But we do keep cattle and sheep. And maybe goats too actually. For cultural reasons. But we do not hunt lions. Enjoy Tamar."

Do you think he will propose?

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  • Donna
    Donna Dec 6, 2018 7:32 PM PST

    Baby It's cold outside is just a nice song with no ill will intention against anyone. People always looking for ways to support their obscurity and insecurities.

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