Tamar Braxton Tells Lady Fans To Turn Their Humiliation Into Motivation

Tamar Braxton Tells Lady Fans To Turn Their Humiliation Into Motivation
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Tamar Braxton just shared a motivational message for her lady fans. She told them to transform their humiliation that they might have suffered into motivation.

'Ladies turn your Humiliation into Motivation! I remember not feeling confident, I remember feeling sad about the blogs always talking about my hair loss from stress! Guys life is full of ups and downs and sometimes you hair goes with it. I am so happy at where I am in life a beautiful BLACK WOMAN with edges or without! LUCKILY by using my product my edges are back and here to stay!!! Get a jar while you can... ❤️❤️❤️ LADIES CAN YOU RELATE..? #omggrowgirl #omgyougrowgirl #hair #hairgrowth,' Tamar wrote.

Tamar also said: 'Ladies tell me your hair growth stories...'

Someone else wrote: 'Who suh pretty? God created Yellow for black women, we own that ish,' and another commenter posted this message: 'Baby your face alone kills most of "them" who had something to say!'

A follower wrote: 'I love you @tamarbraxton! ❤️ But when does the new music drop, sis?' and someone else posted this message: 'Okurrrr 🔥... tell em girl.... you were bad the day you were born. The Beauty secret is inside.... naked eyes 👀 can’t see that deep.'

One follower said: 'Tamar I have been a fan since the Braxton's show. Way back like ten years. Grown with you. I’m 44. Anyway, your comeback was like medicine for my soul. Seeing you fall in real love. Man, you’ve been a sister to me. I love you Queen.'

One Instagrammer posted: 'It is soo hard to love yourself without hair, but baby when you finally do! Can't nobody tell you nothing!'

In other news, Tamar addresses the edges subject that’s been hurting her for a really long time and also offers fans the solution that helped her.

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