Tamar Braxton Tells Her Fans That She's Been A Vegan For Seven Days - Check Out The Result

Tamar Braxton Tells Her Fans That She's Been A Vegan For Seven Days - Check Out The Result
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Tamar Braxton hopped on her Twitter account just a few hours ago, and she told her fans that she was a vegan for seven days! Check out how all this ended in her comment below.

A follower said: 'I was vegetarian today. Just for today lol! I lost 3 lbs. it’s hard. I work at a bbq place & we get free food and there’s a scale at work.'

Someone else posted this: 'With everything going on in the world right now reminding us of how short life is...no way I’m going vegan now... if I’m going out it’s with a tummy full of steak or wings.'

Another Twitter user said: 'Why not just still eat meat but cut out dairies. Cutting out the dairy will really help you slim down.'

Someone shared their own experience and posted this: 'I lived the Vegan life for 3 days....I had severe withdrawal. I felt like Pookie in New Jack City.'

Another follower said: 'A Vegetarian might be a better option. Vegan is really hardcore. You can add chicken or fish or not. You just need to make your change in eating your own. Do what's right and comfortable for you. You won’t be on anything very long feeling the way you do. Stay Blessed.'

A follower joked and said: 'It's against my religion not to eat chicken. I'm sure it's in the Bible thou shalt not stop eating chicken... Gotta be.'

Other than this, Tamar shared a video on her social media account featuring her mom, Evelyn Braxton, and her sisters. In the message that she shared as a caption, she made sure to praise all these ladies for Mother’s Day.

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