Tamar Braxton Tells Fans To Get Ready For A New Album

Tamar Braxton Tells Fans To Get Ready For A New Album
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Tamar Braxton told her fans that she's about to drop some new music. People are showing their enthusiasm via the comments. Check out her post below.

Someone said; 'Yes because I still listen to Love and War album,' and more people showed their enthusiasm via the comments section.

A follower said: 'My mom still listing to all the way home by Tamar lol,' and another commenteer posted this message: 'I definitely am. I need some good soul music.'

One other follower said: 'Yes it's long overdue come on with the album,' and more people agreed and told Tamar that they cannot wait for some new music from her.

People have been showing massive support for Tamar especially since she had a couple of tough years.

In other recent news, we revealed that Tamar Braxton   shared Kodak BLack's words and fans and followers are here for it. Check out what she said below.

Someone said: 'Yea cuz I expect randoms to try me but it hurt different when it’s yo own people. Like really.'

Also, not too long ago, Tamar Braxton     shared a video on her social media account that has fans saying that she is aging backwards. Check out the post that has fans talking.

Someone said: 'Sis are you aging backwards??? you look like 25 years old,' and a commenter posted this: 'Tamar has a second calling. This lady is hilarious!!'

Tamar had a tough time after her breakup from David Adefeso and since then, fans have been showing her a lot of love and support.

David Adefeso showed his fans and followers a clip that had a lot of people in awe. Some of them were even in tears, as you will see in the comments section.


'Without a doubt the most wholesome video you’ll see today! It could all be this simple,' David captioned his post on social media.

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