Tamar Braxton Tells David Adefeso That She Wants A Quarantine Miracle Baby -- Some Fans Believe That She Might Already Be Pregnant

Tamar Braxton Tells David Adefeso That She Wants A Quarantine Miracle Baby -- Some Fans Believe That She Might Already Be Pregnant
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One thing is for sure, Tamar Braxton has baby fever, and there is a huge possibility that during the quarantine period due to the coronavirus, she will get pregnant.

The singer and reality TV star is currently in self-isolation with her boyfriend, David Adefeso, and according to a recent message on Instagram, they are doing everything possible to have their first child together.

The diva, who took to social media the night before to explain that she was busy drinking champagne with David, returned to Instagram the next day to say she is ready to give Logan a sibling.

She wrote: "Lord, please give me a Coronavirus miracle baby."

After a few confused followers asked her to clarify what she wrote, she made this comment: "I meant quarantined Miracle baby...🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m putting my phone down chile... this cabin fever. 😂😂🙏🏼"

Fans are happy for Tamar and her boyfriend.

One of them said: "God said done, he going to give you that quarantined baby. I thought about you today when I thought about a ski trip I went on about 20 years ago. They kept saying that’s Toni Braxton's sister. I was like, so she isn’t Toni. now, here you are just as famous.😂😂"

This follower stated: "If Toni is the Janet, Tamar is definitely the La Toya of that family. The lies, quarantine, and coronavirus to far off for your phone to auto-correct. We know what you meant, Tamar. 🙏🏽🙏🏽You said what you said go make that covid-19 baby. 😍🦠"

Another person explained: "I knew what you meant, and I have been praying for one as well. I shall add all that are requesting one to my prayer tonight. Blessings and decrees to all."

Recently, David praised his family for embracing and loving Tamar.

He wrote in a sweet note: "It always amazes me to see how Tamar and my family took to each other from the moment they met back in Nigeria; they love her, and she loves them right back. During dessert, my mom stood up to speak, and she called Tamar her daughter. I wasn’t surprised: my family took to Tamar’s gorgeous simile, deep kindness and infectious sense of humor almost as strongly as she took to my family’s deeply Christian, conservative, African roots. But what if my family hadn’t accepted her? As with a lot of African American families, many African parents and families tend to get too overly involved in their children’s relationships and married lives, often to the detriment of the young couple’s relationship (heck, I’ve seen some of my friends’ moms move into the couple’s home right after they got married, which so often makes life miserable for the daughter-in-law). I vowed that I would never put Tamar through the misery I’ve seen other couples go through with the man’s family. So I informed my family early on that they didn’t have a choice! They either love Tamar the way they love me and accept her the way I accept her....or. They risk losing me completely. Needless to say, I needn’t have worried!! My mom treats Tamar like her 4th daughter (I have three sisters) and Beans like her 13th grandchild, my sisters cherish her the way they do each other, and my brothers adore my @tamarbraxton almost as much as I do. Welcome to the Adefeso family, Tamar!!"

Tamar is very happy at the moment.

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