Tamar Braxton Tells All On Her Shocking Celebrity Big Brother Win

Tamar Braxton Tells All On Her Shocking Celebrity Big Brother Win
Credit: Source: CBS

Tamar Braxton took home the grand prize on Season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother , becoming only the second winner in the show’s history to win unanimously. While most fans thought former NFL star Ricky Williams was a sure winner, Braxton is opening up about how she pulled off one of the most epic victories of all time.

For starters, Braxton was super humble about winning and said that she was “blessed” just to be a part of the show. She was also just as surprised as anyone else was and admitted that she is still freaking out about the victory.

“I’m telling you right now, it hasn’t all settled in yet,” Braxton shared. “I’m just freaking out. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it; I feel like I’m in a dream right now.”

When it came to the final vote tally, Braxton did not think she had a chance to beat out Williams. In her interview with Entertainment Weekly , the singer revealed that she expected everyone to vote for Williams because she felt like she butted heads with her fellow competitors. She never thought that she would get all of the votes, especially when it came to Joe, who left the competition because of Braxton.

She also felt as though several of her co-stars could have beaten her out. This includes Kato, Tom, and Dina, all of whom she fully expected to take her down. As far as Williams is concerned, Braxton believes he would have stood a better chance against Lolo or Dina, especially since she would have voted for him in either of those instances.

Speaking of Williams, he echoed a lot of Braxton’s sentiments and was unsure about his chances of winning. That said, Williams also felt as though he connected with a lot of the people in the house and was sad when that did not turn into any votes in the finale.

Tamar Braxton is only the second person in Big Brother history to get a unanimous victory. The only other person to do so was Dan Gheesling from Season 10.


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