Tamar Braxton Takes The Great Gatsby Theme From Sister Toni Braxton For David Adefeso’s Extravagant Birthday Party -- Photos From The Event Look Like A Wedding

Tamar Braxton Takes The Great Gatsby Theme From Sister Toni Braxton For David Adefeso’s Extravagant Birthday Party -- Photos From The Event Look Like A Wedding
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Even though Tamar Braxton’s romantic partner, David Adefeso, had his birthday this week, his famous girlfriend was brought into the spotlight again.

David’s birthday party took place on November 19, and a lot of his friends were present to mark the occasion with a The Great Gatsby theme, the same idea that Toni Braxton has for her wedding with Birdman.

Footage revealing scenes from the event was uploaded on the birthday boy’s Instagram page, and fans were able to glimpse a loving exchange of kisses between Tamar and her boyfriend.

They also show them dancing, having fun while dressed for the occasion. As the clip shows, a huge crowd is gathered around the couple, and everyone is cheering for David as they all share a toast for, and Tamar kisses her partner with affection.

In the caption of the video, the financial services firm CEO jokingly urged the viewers to look at how Tamar is grabbing his shirt at the end of the clip because she could not get enough of her partner.

It seems her feelings are shared because David finished the caption by saying that he cannot get enough of her either and thanked his partner for the fantastic start of the birthday week.

The post was almost instantly Liked by the couple’s many followers, and a lot of fans wrote positive comments, saying how sweet Tamar and David looked together.

However, one comment started a heated discussion as it asked David when he was going to propose to Tamar since they have been together for two years now.

As a result, other fans started speculating if Tamar could receive a proposal on her boyfriend’s birthday because the couple usually was full of surprises.

David did pen a sweet note for the occasion: “On Saturday, I turned 50. My @tamarbraxton threw the most amazing party for me! My 80-year old mom, who I love so dearly, flew in from Lagos to attend. I remember growing up In Lagos... we attended a church called Chapel of the Healing Cross. At the Chapel, they had the congregation divided into four “Fellowships,” each one sort of like a prayer/support group. Each of the four Fellowships had a different name: the Fellowships of Joy, Hope, Peace, and Love. Over the years, I’ve often pondered which one of the four Fellowships was the most important: I mean, if I had to choose only one of the four for the rest of eternity, which would it be? Would I take Peace over Love? Joy over Hope? Well, only at 50 do I feel like I finally found the answer, and it’s the same answer my mom reiterated to me decades ago: Of all four, the greatest is LOVE! “Loving my @tamarbraxton brings me Joy; that Joy always keeps Hope alive....the Hope that no matter what obstacles we confront, we will always confront them together, and the Hope that we will together forever bring me Peace”. So, when you have Loved you have Joy, and Joy comes with never-ending Hope, and the Hope that things will always be better and brighter tomorrow than they were yesterday brings Peace. So, as I said, the greatest of these is LOVE. Because with Love comes Joy, Hope, and Peace....all wrapped up in a beautiful, tight package! I love you, Tamar! Thank you for making this the #bestbirthdayever!!❤️❤️“

Those two are going places.

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