Tamar Braxton Slams Sister Towanda As Disloyal For Warning Loni Love About 'Braxton Family Values' Emergency Taping -- Towanda Responds!

Tamar Braxton Slams Sister Towanda As Disloyal For Warning Loni Love About 'Braxton Family Values' Emergency Taping -- Towanda Responds!
Credit: Source: US Magazine

The ladies of "The Real" spilled tea when visiting "The Breakfast Club." What Loni Love revealed has caused trouble between Tamar Braxton and her sister, Towanda Braxton, who took to social media to express how they felt.

Loni explained to host Charlamagne Tha God that they had noting to do with Tamra Braxton's firing on the daytime talk show. She backed up her claim with a story that stated that Towanda Braxton was the one who warned her that the family was filming an emergency episode of "Braxton Family Values" where Vincent Herbert will paint the co-hosts as the villains.


The heads up from Towanda led to the comedian getting the network to send WE TV a letter in which they threatened to sue if they aired the defaming accusations.

Once Tamar caught wind that she was betrayed by her own sister, she went on a 'liking' spree where comments were against "The Real" hosts interview. Additionally, the singer liked a comment that read: "Tell Alexa to play 'Loyalty' next! Why did Towanda tip Loni to watch the emergency taping of  #BFV after you were let go? Why did she comfort Loni on the plane telling her she's sorry for the backlash she received for your firing? Why did she tell Loni she knows she had nothing to do with it! I meand d***! Where the f*** is the loyalty?"


Towanda received comments on her own Instagram account scolding her for playing both sides of the field.

The reality star responded with a caption that read: "What I’m not willing to do is allow ANYONE to create dissension. I absolutely was on that flight with @comiclonilove And how many years ago was this conversation? I’m amused at how the statements were paraphrased. It was NEVER a heads up.... AND as soon as I saw Loni on the flight, I IMMEDIATELY contacted Tamar to let her know. The interview circulating that I’m included in is bullshit. Why feel compelled to keep mentioning Tamar when it pertains to that talk show? I guess they are her biggest fans? ??‍♀️ Y’all should ask Tamar to come back since she’s the hot topic....Keep it ‘REAL’ or change the name of the show. #therealreal Love you Tamar ❤️, just like 'The Real' #igottimetoday #tamarbraxton"

Who do you think is in the wrong? Loni, Towanda, or Tamar?


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  • mildred l white
    mildred l white Oct 15, 2018 11:05 AM PDT

    Tamar need to stop. And grow up. Her sister is right. Being as though Tamar is the topic ask her ratchet a** back.

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