Tamar Braxton Shows Off Her Toned Abs And Fans Tell Her She's A 'Whole Snack'

Tamar Braxton Shows Off Her Toned Abs And Fans Tell Her She's A 'Whole Snack'
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Tamar Braxton spent Thanksgiving with her mom, Evelyn Braxton, and her sisters. She documented their little get-together on social media with pics and videos and made her usual jokes .

She shared a video in which her sister Trina Braxton showed off her singing talent, and we have to admit that she’s really funny.

Tamar joked and said that next year she'd spend the holidays somewhere else because her family just gets drunk and sings Spanish songs.

Anyway, now she shared a video in which she's showing off her abs and fans are gushing over her in the comments section.

'No ?... why eat Turkey when you are a whole ham??‍♀️??' Tamar captioned her post on social media.

Someone posted in the comments section 'Facts! No need to eat the turkey boo. Your an entree.'

Someone addressed the episode that was all over the news these days: 'I heard you got fired over a box of chicken and fries! Is that the reason someone (much smaller) over took your part in @snoopdogg play ? care to entertain the idea for a moment? And explain taytay your fans have listening ears. ??'

You probably remember that it was reported that during the break of Tamar and Snoop Dogg's show,  Tamar went MIA  and she was replaced by someone else who played her part. She left because she did not get her favorite food.

Someone defended Tamar in the comments section and said 'Why do people feel the need to pick other people apart in their comments. Reading these comments hurt my feelings and it isn't even my post. If u see somebody and feel the need to tear them down u might wanna look deep inside urself to find where that ugliness lies in you. Damn, people are such a dang on disappointment sometimes.'

A commenter wants to hear from Tamar what exactly happened at the Snoop Dogg show: 'Girl what happen in the Snoop tour? I’m tired of reading gossips tell us your side.'

The truth is that Tamar did not address the incident so far.

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