Tamar Braxton Shows Off Her Inches In New Photo, And Some Fans Are Confused -- David Adefeso's Girlfriend Sets Her Own Rules

Tamar Braxton Shows Off Her Inches In New Photo, And Some Fans Are Confused -- David Adefeso's Girlfriend Sets Her Own Rules
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Tamar Braxton's progress on growing her hair back left many of her Instagram followers rolling on the floor laughing with one of her latest posts on the popular social media platform.

The "If I Don't Have You" performer made headlines in March 2018, when she cut off her long blond tresses and her change was underlined strongly by her short haircut.

The singer has stated ever since that her drastic transformation was meant to be a sign of liberation. Still, according to rumors, the change was mostly inspired by Braxton's divorce from her former spouse, Vincent Herbert.

Back then, Braxton addressed the rumors and stated they were not true.

From her recent picture, it appears that Braxton has decided to have another shot at having a long mane because she let her hair grow, and now it is long enough to be tied in a tiny ponytail.

It did not take long for her fans to notice the change and to start commenting on it.

It seems that the singer is far from falling in despair over the slow speed with which her hair grows, as she captioned her post with an inspirational message: "Stay motivated. It's going to be an Amazing week."

It was not long before Braxton's post attracted the attention of her numerous followers, and many of her fans were fascinated by her petite ponytail.

Some Instagram users even stated that what Braxton had was not a ponytail, but an "oxtail," while others simply commented with laughing emojis.

A friend of Braxton's said: "I legit woke up today, thought about this, came back to your Instagram just to let you know how much of a fool you are for this caption. 😂"

This follower revealed: "Periodtt sis growing her hair back 🖤😭Okay, the hair is coming back full force. I got a "pootie" tail too. Lol!! That grow-out phase is rough!! Keep winning, though, shugga!"

This social media user stated: "Yasssss inches, baby! Lmaoooo 🤣🤣Sis, they always say people with this type of ponytail start 🤣🤣 you know they hate when you go to keeping it real though sis they go to saying you mess 😂😂
Remember when Tamar was talking about Trina’s baby ponytail 😂😂."

A confused backer asked: "What are you showing us exactly?"

This fan explained: "She has been consistently shaving her head for years now. And she just started letting it grow out."

Braxton sets her own rules with some help from her supportive boyfriend, David Adefeso.

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