Tamar Braxton Showers 'Gorgeous' Toni With Praises In Sweet Video

Tamar Braxton Showers 'Gorgeous' Toni With Praises In Sweet Video
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Double trouble! Tamar Braxton is stirring up a headache for all of those in love with her gorgeous and talented sister Toni. Recently, Vincent Herbert's wife took Toni out to dinner.

The flamboyant and outspoken diva looked stunning with long blonde hair and sexy bangs and a pair of oversized shades.

Tamar turned to her sister and told the world to look at how stunning she is and added: "Look at that beautiful woman, damn it is she fine or not? Girl you fine, you sure are two quarters."

Toni replied by: "I am 5 dimes."

The pair laughed and continued to eat their dinner.

Fans are loving the clip and cannot get enough at how beautiful, and youthful Toni looks at the age of 50.

One person said: "That's ridiculous how beautiful Toni is Honey child she makes 30yr olds look crazy. I love tony she’s fantastic so beautiful so humble. 5 dimes yessss Toni Braxton living legend. All I could think of was her song breath again now I'm humming it cause I damn sure can't sing."

The compliments just kept coming.

Another commenter claimed: "Toni’s natural beautiful keeps shinning. HER & Toni the Braxton looking like everything.Judging by your look, new music and acting it is going to be a great year for you. Toni is like a fine wine you only get better with time. Shout out to the finest.
Omg !! Congrats to the living legend Toni, don't let these ppl talk you down no matter you still Toni the Braxton let em haters hate more, and I can't wait for the show to start I already ready."

A third fan stated: "You’re just undercover... and like I said let’s see what you look like. Okay, Tamar because you are playing games . So Vince in the background and to make a long story short we know you still got yo back cracked by yo baby. I mean but I ain’t gone front like I ain’t already see this happening. Why didn’t you address your mom's public allegations that Vince abuses u?! He said ALL allegations were untrue so therefore that must mean mama was lying n shame on her esp since she used to beat you. I don’t know why Tamar was unhappy and Vince is too controlling, I would have been happier to see Tamar find happiness and not just stay because they have a child...she is not as strong of a person as I thought."

Toni will make one superb bride when she weds Birdman in the upcoming months.

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