Tamar Braxton Shares Important Christmas Lesson In Video With Logan

Tamar Braxton Shares Important Christmas Lesson In Video With Logan
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Christmas came early for Tamar Braxton and her cute son, Logan Herbert, and she has learned a very important lesson that she has decided to share with all parents.

The singer appears in a video with her sisters and other family members where they are opening pricey gifts.

The Braxtons are doing the whole Christmas thing this week because they are going on vacation.

Tamar bought Logan a 400-dollar gift and quickly learned that he only wanted the toy car valued at 10 bucks.

Tamar warned parents: "Chile.... we opened gifts last night cause we are taking the kids on vacation. And Logan don’t care NOTHING about what he “pretended” he wanted. He would rather have the $10 car we found at the alley ?.....The moral to the story is that I’m taking this ps4 BACK to the store and collecting my funds?? parents: find out what they REALLY want cause u could be blessed with 400 dollars unwanted returned gift too☺️ OR give them the cheap sh$t first?? #lookatgod #keepyacoins ?."

Fans are feeling Tamar's pain and sharing their hilarious failed Christmas gifts stories.

One person said: "So you ain't gotta go over Diesel's house and play " us colored folks dgaf how much of our OWN shit we have. We still want to link with our cousins n sh8t... The cheap shit last longer than the expensive shit tay lol I love Merry Christmas to you & your family from me and mine's enjoy ??? lvu."

Another commenter shared: "Girl @tamarbraxton lol. As moms we are all over town, internet, Hell Mars to get them what they “said” that wanted. WE are all excited like Yaaaassss; I did that...wait to they see this... Christmas morning comes, you pointing out shit like, here... here what about this one. They open it, you have a big ass smile in your face and they say “Cool thanks” and lay it to the side!!! Look, that right there I say NO Ma’am. Like did you even read the damn box? Heck did even look at the picture on the box, better yet do you know the time I took to find that crap! My son just did that about those Concord Jordan’s he said he wanted... got them(he doesn’t know) yet he told me, I really don’t want them! I am like I know you are lying. Then I thought Okay, I would take my 280.00 back in my bank account for 1,000.00 Alex!! Lol"

This supporter claimed: "I had my 10-year daughter to write Santa a Christmas letter with her list, easy bake oven, JoJo Siwa slime kit, Lol stuff, new clothes and a new tablet, new books to read, new baby alive doll."

Tamar always keeps things real.

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