Tamar Braxton Shares An Older Racy Video Of Hers And Fans Are Here For It

Tamar Braxton Shares An Older Racy Video Of Hers And Fans Are Here For It
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Tamar Braxton shared a video to tease her fans and convince them to get their tickets for her NYC and DC shows. She promises her fans and followers that they'll definitely be enjoying some surprises at the events.

'Just in case they forgot. Make sure you get your tickets for my NYC and DC shows because there WILL be surprises.go to my YouTube page.Tamar Braxton to see the full FYE!!?' Tamar captioned her video.

Her fans praised her music and her looks as well, and they were not shy at all when they had to gush over Tamar.

Someone said 'Really like the song Tay Tay! I’ll be bumping it in my sets ?? @tamarbraxton ps- guy in the video is Foiiine!'

Another follower posted 'I really TRULY luv Tamar Braxton every album I got I luv her music so much like her voice is beautiful shes gorgeous in every way .im luving this song b video.'

Someone else said 'Are we resurrecting Calling All Lovers because honey i listen to this album to this day like it just came out lol.'

Another follower also gushed over Tamar's music: 'Bitch, I'M SCREAMING!!!!!!! I love this song, shit I did not know there was a video. Runs to Youtube ??‍♀️'

One commenter was surprised to see how curvy Tamar is: 'i didn't know Tamar was thick and curvy like that... I always knew she had a booty but not that big and still slim in the waist (guess ha nigga doing right)'

Tamar recently announced a brand new video and she also posted a lengthy emotional message next to it in which she was telling fans more serious things about her life.

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