Tamar Braxton Shares An Emotional Message Dedicated To Kamala Harris - Read It Here

Tamar Braxton Shares An Emotional Message Dedicated To Kamala Harris - Read It Here
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Tamar Braxton shared a message in which she is praising Kamala Harris . She made a lot of fans emotional with what she had to say.

Check out her post below.

'I swear just like all of us, I’ve felt so tense, so much anxiety and everything that was wrong in my life was magnified. I thought to myself, just last night how that one speech from our new president Biden, left me feeling coddled, relaxed, like I’ve had a few glasses of wine and God texted me personally to say hey T!' Tamar began her post.

She continued and said: '😊... it had me thinking, these past few years has been the WORST‼️ like most of us, even my good times was just..”ok”.. and short lived by stress, arguing, fighting.. with EVERYONE, an assurance of unclarity, Anger, Rage and ready to fight viscously with anything and everyone in my life who I couldn’t agree with. I was ready to fight instead of being rational and talking things through. I don’t know about you, but I was ready to call a friend or a family member or business buddy an enemy. Instead of treating a Situation with love, light and respect like I would normally.. I don’t know what you believe.. but I feel a shift, a change, a sigh of relief .. you May feel it or not, but there has been a defeat‼️ WE ARE FREE.'

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Someone said: 'Glad you’re doing well my dear friend, take care of YOU 🙏'

A follower said: 'YES! But The fight is not over. We need to stay hungry and get those two Senate seats in Georgia so that we can make a difference and pass policies. Stay in the fight with Stacey Abrams! #Voteblue.'

A follower said this: 'Wonderful post! May your next years be your best years. I too am 42.... I too have suffered greatly. You provide inspiration.'

Someone else said: 'It was a group effort and the majority chose #BidenHarris2020. But let me congratulate and acknowledge the Black community. The Divine nine, Kamala's sorority, Senator Jim Clyburn and the Black church, Black women, black youth etc. Once again Black voters, especially Black women had to save America. First with Roy Moore and now Donald Trump.. Black voters have been a huge asset to the democratic party...especially Black women voters 98% turnout, highest turnout of any demographic have been a God sent for the Democrats. Black people especially Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Detroit decided this election. We voted this country's best interest and our lives! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Our voices were heard loud and clear 🗣🗣🗣 #BidenHarris2020.'


You may recall that  Tamar Braxton  had a pretty ‘violent’ reaction to the trailer for the new season of The  Braxton Family Values  – this features her suicide attempt, and Tamar is obviously not too happy about it.

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