Tamar Braxton Shares A Memory From Tamar Braxton Day That Leaves Some Fans Emotional

Tamar Braxton Shares A Memory From Tamar Braxton Day That Leaves Some Fans Emotional
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Tamar Braxton just shared a throwback pic on her social media account, which shows a beloved memory that she had from Arkansas. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account.

'Arkansas I'll never forget the day! What an honor it is to have a calendar day dedicated to me and for that I'm forever grateful!!! #TamarBraxtonDay everyday 😉😘 Love you #Arkansas ♥️. And shout out to everyone in the state holding it down during this time,' Tamar captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Oh That was on the REAL... I Really Miss you on the Real,' and another follower posted this: 'Arkansas ♥️‘s YOU!!!!! Hey from the Natural State!'

Another follower said: 'Hope to see you in Arkansas sometime in the near future,' and someone else posted this: 'You have your own day!??!!? That’s insane!!!!'

Another follower posted the following message: 'Yessss Congratulations!! Arkansas is the best!! We are NATURAL!!'

A fan said: 'Girl I miss you on@therealdaytime.. Not the same since you left 😒,' and someone else bought up the social distancing issue and the fact that people are not taking the coronavirus matter too seriously even though it's getting more and more severe with each passing day: '@tamarbraxton Tell them to stay inside they having issues with lockdown 🥺'

One commenter said: '@tamarbraxton my great-niece Ca’Mari loves to sing your song Love and War.'

Tamar made headlines just the other day when she wished a Happy Birthday to her sister, Traci Braxton.

In order to mark this anniversary, Tamar shared this really funny throwback video on her social media account, which had fans in awe.

Tamar has been staying at home these days with her family, and she recently told her fans that science her son started online school she's going crazy, and she misses the boring couch life.

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