Tamar Braxton Shares A Kobe Bryant Quote But Gets Slammed By Some Fans For This Reason

Tamar Braxton Shares A Kobe Bryant Quote But Gets Slammed By Some Fans For This Reason
Credit: BET

Tamar Braxton wanted to honor Kobe Bryant on her social media account, but she also had a message for some people. She quoted something that Kobe said, but not all of her followers were here for her post. Check it out below.

'I’m allergic to Lazy. Best said by my old friend Kobe 🦋💔' Tamar captioned the post but got bashed by some people who said that she was never his friend, and she's only posting him because that's what everyone is doing these days.

Another follower said: ''BTW... I'm allergic to BS. #HaaaChooos tell my Queen Wendy I say, y'ello!' and someone else posted this: 'I just shared this same quote with my students yesterday.'

One of Tamar's followers wrote: 'Kobe had a good work ethic. A bright spot in the universe gone too soon.'

Someone criticized Tamar and said: 'You should have up this quote from your old friend while he was alive!! You were too lazy to do so, now he is gone, you are no longer lazy.'

Another follower also hinted that Tamar was never really his friend: 'Do you have any pictures of you and Kobe together?! Asking for a "friend"? 🤔🤔🤔 @tamarbraxton.'

One of Tamar's fans said, 'he was a young man of wisdom, instilled by his father that taught him the game also @tamarbraxton.'

Someone else posted this: 'Wise words from a legend...may he and Gianna RIP, and may Vanessa and his three surviving daughters find comfort in the midst of this tragedy.'

Tamar shocked fans when she spent time with her ex Vincent Herbert. It's been revealed that the harmony in Tamar’s life is so overwhelming that it even got to the point where her current boyfriend, David Adefeso, is spending time hanging out with her former partner, Herbert.

David also shared a photo of himself and Vince on his social media account.


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