Tamar Braxton Shares A Funny Message About Edges - Check It Out Here

Tamar Braxton Shares A Funny Message About Edges - Check It Out Here
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Tamar Braxton shared a message about edges and she also shared a video on her social media account. Check it out below.

'No matter what age... or who tries TF out of you... 😩...you need your edges.. mine came back with @omgyougrowgirl_ get your “adult” hair back at ANY cage‼️‼️ it works.. cause you are now permanently blocked from my thoughts 😩 it works on men and beards *link in bio*' Tamar captioned her post.

Someone said: 'and this is WHY y’all are on time out...' and someone else said: 'There is the type of people Tamar needs in her life. Period.'

A follower said: 'It was the Beesh that left your lips for me,' and somoene else posted this: 'yooooo!!! everybody needs a real one in their corner. keep him.'

One fan said: 'you and johnny together is pure comedy 🤣❤️💀' and someone else said: 'I literally have tears in my eyes laughing at you all. I hope you guys show come back on I love it!!!'

Someone else said: 'love to see you laugh @tamarbraxton your laughter is so contagious. Keep on smiling, keep on laughing' and another follower posted this: ' This is the laughter we deserve in 2021!'

A follower said: '@tamarbraxton My sista in my head😘😘😘 Just ordered your product.. Hunni I need all my snatched edges back ASAP.. Love you doll.'

In other news, on Tamar’s Under Construction podcast, she had her friend Nene Leakes  as a guest. The two talked about walking away from reality TV.

Both have this in common : they fell out completely with the network that gave them their start.

Tamar has blasted WE TV for mistreatment as Nene is gearing up to sue Bravo.


During their conversation, they make some shocking revelations.

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