Tamar Braxton Shades Monica Brown On 'Celebrity Big Brother' While Discussing Her Relationship With Kandi Burruss In Icy Video

Tamar Braxton Shades Monica Brown On 'Celebrity Big Brother' While Discussing Her Relationship With Kandi Burruss In Icy Video
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Well, that was fast. In the first episode of Celebrity Big Brother , divas Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss stole the spotlight, and one of them threw Monica Brown under the bus.

The reality show grabbed headlines because of Tamar and Kandi's complicated past which climaxed in late 2017 early 2018.

While on tour with Xscape, Tamar tried to bring Ts Madison and Khia from The Queens Court on stage to further insult Kandi's friend, Toya Wright. Todd Tucker's wife was not having it and shut the whole thing down.

Kandi said: "She got upset with [me] and unfollowed [me] on social media. So that’s what I mean, throughout our lives she’ll be cool and then she’ll get back and unfollow [me].”

While on the show, Tamar lied about the incident and pretended that she did not even know Monica's name.

One fan told Tamar: "How is it that Tamar always has a conflict with someone, but she never knows "why" or she "never did anything" to them???? How is that possible?? 🤔🙄The drama should work nicely for the show... 🤷🏽‍♀️ How do they have pre-show confessionals already? who put this together? "

Another commenter stated: "I remember all of this. Ts and Khia was mad they couldn't perform. This is around the time The Queens Court dragged and roasted Toya and Reginae. Yea Tiny is over it, that automatically means Kandi has to be over it too?? Tiny doesn't determine how long someone else can be offended by or upset about a situation. Tamar knows good and well what she was doing by inviting Khia. She should have at least acknowledged or say she understands how Kandi could have been offended or upset. But this "what did I do?" act is very infantile."

This person defended Monica: "Another singer =Monica?? She just didn’t want to say her name to be shady 🙄🙄 classic Tamar always the victim. Tamar ain’t sold anything close to that other singer that she didn’t name. I use to really like Tamar, but between that bald head being extra and fake at times, it’s just too much. Tamar might last two shows on CBB before she gets the boot😩I wonder if @kandi ever gets tired of remembering all the beef people have/had with her. It must be a Taurus thing because I’m exhausted for you sis if you not. Both speak like kids. When a 13-year-old explaining why she skips school. But to be honest, I'mma need for these sistas to stick together and not cut the "fool" in front of these white folks."

The drama-loving singer hopes to use Celebrity Big Brother to make peace with Kandi because they did pair up in the House of Household game -- but they lost because Tamar is very competitive and Kandi is not.

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  • Nicole
    Nicole Jan 23, 2019 8:12 AM PST

    I love tamar but i have to agree with kandi...but with not saying Monica's name tamar is not allowed to say names that didnt give consent to be named on the the show. When tamar was talking about vince last night on the live feeds they cut her off and went to a different camera

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