Tamar Braxton Says Sorry To Trina Braxton After Slamming Her Engagement Via Instagram Live

Tamar Braxton Says Sorry To Trina Braxton After Slamming Her Engagement Via Instagram Live
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Tamar Braxton is pleading mea culpa to Trina Braxton. After slamming the fact that her sister's new beau proposed at her birthday celebration, she is making it clear that she is happy for them and shouldn't have handled it the way she did.

The singer's family got together to celebrate her birthday on March 27 but whatever was planned wasn't enough for the mother of one. She called out her relatives for giving her one birthday card and a pair of sunglasses.

While recording the disaster on Instagram Live, Tamar also told audiences to watch as Trina's boyfriend took the spotlight away from her by proposing at her birthday celebration.

Later in the night, the musician also stated that she was single and to trust no one.

By the next morning, Tamar had made up with her hunky Nigerian beau and even treated fans to a near full-faced photo of the man.

Today, she wanted to make things right with Trina.


She uploaded a photo of Trina and Von alongside a caption that read: "Sometimes you get so caught up in “ME” you Fck up not only your night, but others as well! Looking at the bigger picture, I’m so excited and Happy for @trinabraxton1 and @vonscales! He’s a FANTASTIC dude and (can y’all believe I actually like him a lot😌) although It was a weekend planned to celebrate my birthday, it was more about a weekend with FAMILY!! And that’s something that REALLY matters. Although I will rock my sunglasses and hang my card on the wall, it’s ungrateful and juvenile to undermine the fact that you two amazing people found true love and deserve each other and all the happiness in the world💕 I love u both so much and congratulations."

Fans noted that Tamar had a right to be upset, but praised her for being mature in her apology. Do you think Tamar should have apologized?

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