Tamar Braxton Says She'd Marry David Adefeso If He Proposed - Shades Her Ex Vincent Herbert

Tamar Braxton Says She'd Marry David Adefeso If He Proposed - Shades Her Ex Vincent Herbert
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It’s been a couple of months since Tamar Braxton’s divorce was finalized and it turns out that she is all ready to tie the knot again, with her current significant other, David Adefeso. While a guest on Wendy Williams’ talk show, she raved over her boyfriend while throwing shade at her ex, Vincent Herbert.

The celeb also explained how she managed to get over the former husband.

Tamar is focusing on herself and being happy in general at the moment.

She told the host that her romance with David is super strong, to the point that she would definitely say ‘yes’ if he decided to pop the big question at this time in their relationship.

The singer even mentioned that his family really loves her as well and she thinks they are pretty ‘amazing’ too!

The two have been dating for around a year and a half and after making it very clear that she is open to marrying him if he proposed, the topic of expanding her family also came about.

‘I want a tribe a multitude of kids. I have infertility issues so I do not know how that is going to go. I do not want two baby daddies. I would do a husband and a baby. I'd have a baby with whoever puts a ring on it. I am a wife not a girlfriend. I'd have a husband and a baby daddy,’ Tamar shared.

She and Vincent share a 6 year old son named Logan.

The pair put an end to their marriage in October of 2017, Tamar being the one to file for divorce amid speculations that the man had cheated.

Finally, the divorce was finalized this past July.

These days, they are on good terms since she is over the ‘hurt’ he caused her, the woman assured the host.

‘Here’s the thing, Vince and I've always been and will always stay friends, and we had to get to that point and also jump over the hurdles because it is a process being friends. When you get over the hurt to the point where you do not care anymore.’

While that seems to be very positive, she also shaded Vince when talking about his reported $4 million debt by saying that it is ‘jacked up.’

Tamar followed that statement by denying she was trying to shade him, however.


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