Tamar Braxton Reveals What Her Sisters Really Think About Her Joining 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Tamar Braxton Reveals What Her Sisters Really Think About Her Joining 'Celebrity Big Brother'
Credit: Source: pagesix.com

It turns out that while Tamar Braxton is super excited to be part of Celebrity Big Brother and is sure that she will do a great job, not everyone agrees with her. More precisely, the reality TV star and singer revealed that her sisters believe she is ‘nuts’ for joining the show.

Tamar chatted with ET about her new gig and confessed that her sisters are not too confident she will do well on Celebrity Big Brother.

‘My sisters think I'm absolutely nuts. Toni, in particular, was like, 'You do know you've never had a roommate, and you're used to doing things your way.' I am nervous getting stuck in a house with anyone. I do not know how that's going to work out on this show,’ Tamar told the outlet.

She then went on to explain that she is still confident in her odds just because she is super competitive and also because she is used to sharing a house with famous people, since her sisters are celebrities as well.

‘To be stuck in a house with a bunch of celebrities, I guess I'm used to it. My sisters are also pretty much celebrities, I guess so, but that does not really faze me at all. I am hardcore competitive fan or not. But because I am in the Big Brother house, I am really competitive, and I am ready to win some competitions.’

So regardless of what her siblings think about the gig, Tamar is very glad she was able to join the show since last season it did not work out.

It is her favorite show after all, and she made sure to clear her schedule when she was offered to be part of the cast again this year.


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