Tamar Braxton Reveals Details On Her New WEtv Series, 'Get Ya Life'

Tamar Braxton Reveals Details On Her New WEtv Series, 'Get Ya Life'
Credit: BET

Happy Birthday, Tamar Braxton! Today, Tamar celebrated her 43rd anniversary, and her fans are sending her the best wishes, especially since she told them that she had been really depressed these days .

'I’m sitting here sobbing. Not because I won an award but because after all I’ve been through, this is a reminder. Ladies & gentlemen, there is a war going on. Us against our minds. I’ve been depressed 4several days, not knowing why I’m wanting 2quit, wanting 2stop. Don’t! Fight!' she told her fans on Twitter.

WEtv revealed that Tamar would be the star of her very own reality series Get Ya Life and the star is now offering more details about her new show.

It's been also reported that in an Instagram Live story captured by TheJasmineBrand , Tamar revealed that the new series would be focused around her personal life, and also the public drama that has been surrounding her all the time.

'So, it’s a show that originally was supposed to be about my life and me putting together a possible record,' she said.

She continued and said that 'And how my life is now without Vince [Herbert] in the picture, me dating David, me being a single mom and also running my businesses all myself, without an agent, without a manager but also elevating.'

You probably know by now that Tamar had a few hectic years, and she was in the spotlight all the time during her relationship with Vincent Herbert.

'And that’s the reason I don’t have an agent or a manager because sometimes you outgrow situations,' Tamar continued.

She continued and explained that 'Sometimes the people around you keep you stifled and down. So, this show is about me breaking out and being everything that I am. And once again -- I’m not going to say too much -- but hopefully, that’s y’all get to see.'

For her birthday, Tamar received a lot of kind wishes and prayers.

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