Tamar Braxton Puts Her Spin On Donald Trump's MAGA Hat As She Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors With New Video

Tamar Braxton Puts Her Spin On Donald Trump's MAGA Hat As She Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors With New Video
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Diva Tamar Braxton is making headlines for two reasons. First, the diva decided to poke fun at President Donald Trump's famous MAGA red cap.

Tamar shared a funny picture where Make America Great Again was changed to Make Oxtail Cheap Again.

Secondly, Tamar posted a sexy clip where she is playing around, and fans were shocked by how different her face looks and they believe she had plastic surgery again.

Supporters are laughing at the MAGA-inspired cap, but they are also telling Tamar to slow down with the surgeries.

One fan said: "You use to be pretty, but now whatever you did to your face you look fake Sorry Not Sorry."

Another commenter explained: "Tamar your face! Come on Nah. Are you going to pretend? New flash: We see it! There was nothing wrong, to begin with. You were just fine before. Girl Hollywood have y’all gone. Plssss don’t get no more work done to ya face, Ur like a sec away from looking like Jigsaw."

This person said forget Tump and go vote: "Yes, I agree with you! @tamarbraxton looks very happy nowadays. Thanks are to God the Most High. Who cares about her face? Go vote people. Did you know black people once had to pay to vote, and it took the Supreme Court’s Harper v. Virginia State Board of Elections decision to strike down poll taxes? Yeah, I know- wonder why they didn’t teach us that in school [rolls eyes]. Point is some people from that generation died so we can vote. In the same manner, we have to pay forward to the next generation. The president is breeding a new crop of racists, and it is up to us to save the next generation. Wild horses should not stop you from voting tomorrow so don’t let rain be your excuse. Go online and find your voting place now in addition to their closing times."

This supporter claimed: "Tamar I am going, to be honest! You look much happier where you are now than before, and I am so happy for love you Keep smiling. Show us more of your pretty face without all the Snap filters."

A fifth follower shared: "Hate wigs that look like wigs I like the natural tay better! Bald head tay. You betta speak it into existence! I asked my papa to make me some oxtail stew the next time I come over, and he told me sure be sure to bring the oxtails cause they were $8.99lb ??? Now what happened to just showing up and eating! #GetItTogetherPeople."

Do you think she had plastic surgery?

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  • Frances Heron
    Frances Heron Nov 6, 2018 8:59 AM PST

    She needs Jesus and so do anyone supporting her ways. He is coming soon and I pray she is ready. Hollywierd can't help her only Jesus can. Will be praying for her.

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