Tamar Braxton Proudly Announces Fans That She'll Be Working Together With Her Sister, Traci Braxton

Tamar Braxton Proudly Announces Fans That She'll Be Working Together With Her Sister, Traci Braxton
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Tamar Braxton is more than excited to announce her fans and Instagram followers that she will be working together with her sister Traci Braxton. To be more specific, Tamar asked Traci to open for her at the December 28th concert in their hometown. Here's her announcement:

'Guess what everybody!!!!.... I’ve asked my AMAZING sister @therealtracibraxton to open up for me in nyc @sonyhall Dec.28th and in OUR hometown @howardtheatre Dec29th!!! I’m so excited that we are working together!! ?? let’s see if she will join the #tamartian meet and greets too? #merrychristmas #familyovereverything?' Tamar captioned her post.

Someone commented 'I thought that was Ms. Evelyn. She looks so much like ya'll mom. Praise God!!! Glad to hear you all are working together. I can't imagine having a sister, so cherish what you have. I LOVE to see the camaraderie among you all. Not the DRAMA. That's why I watch #braxtonfamilyvalues to catch a glimpse of the shared love and friendship among the sisters. Continued Blessings?'

Another follower said 'Luv Tracy...funny I thought this was Mama Braxton for a second..she be looking sooo young and fly 2.❤'

One commenter posted 'So many ppl done said it before me yet: I most certainly did think Tracy was Ms. Evelyn, Rested up & hit thee spas/gyms. Both are very Beautiful, Yasss honey they: Twinin It?‼️'

Someone else gushed over Tamar and posted 'Yes!! @tamarbraxton I thought this was Ms.Evelyn .. @therealtracibraxton you look fabulous, and I’m proud of you sisters!! Have a fantastic concert and may you be blessed to do many more! ❤️??'

Tamar has been in high spirits just ahead of Christmas. She recently shared a video which her fans and Instagram followers and she wanted to make sure that everyone knows she is a happy woman .

She has all the reasons to be like that: her child is healthy, she has a new BF, she’s really successful, and she has a lot of concerts and shows..what more could the diva want?

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  • Lisa Patterson
    Lisa Patterson Dec 20, 2018 7:48 AM PST

    Tracy need to keep doing her and stay away from things that bring her down. This was once a big issue with Tamar and Toni, her being in their concerts, dont go down that road again. You're doing great on your own, keep doing you Tracy . It's great to become close again with your sisters/ family but dont mix business and family!!

  • LT
    LT Dec 20, 2018 4:39 AM PST

    All she needs to do now is stay the course. Bottom will open your eyes to who/what is truly important in your life. Hope this time it's for real. You've lost too much already - just because.

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