Tamar Braxton Promises Fans A Night To Remember At Her Shows In D.C. And NYC

Tamar Braxton Promises Fans A Night To Remember At Her Shows In D.C. And NYC
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Tamar Braxton has an exciting announcement for her fand and Instagram followers. She invites everyone at her shows from D.C. and N.Y.C. telling them that it will be a night that they will not forget. Here's her post below.

'At 21. I might just sing a song or two from then... you won’t know unless u get your tickets to my 2 night ONLY shows in D.C and NYC!!! It’s a night u won’t forget! ? go to Ticketmaster. Com,' Tamar captioned her post on Instagram.

Fans were really excited to find out that she will be singing some of her old music as well.

Someone told her '@tamarbraxton I wanna hear "Where's The Good in Goodbye" only the REAL fans would remember!'

Another follower posted '@tamarbraxton OMG you’re making me even MORE excited now! I bought my tickets to the NY show right when you announced it. Will there be a meet and greet? I’m just so happy I’ll get to see you perform live again! I can’t wait ?'

One commenter recalled the times when they were younger and listening to Tamar's music: 'I remember back when I was a kid. I used to listen to your Tamar album back in 2000. Been I love ever since.'

Someone told her this: 'Was disappointed I didn’t hear ya sing at Sunday’s Redemption of a dogg in DC, that’s the only reason I got tix @tamarbraxton.'

Speaking of Sunday's show with Snoop Dogg, Redemption Of A Dogg, it was reported that during the break of this show, Tamar went MIA and she was replaced by someone else who played her part.

Daily Mail wrote that Tamar refused to return for her second act performance in the play.

They wrote that Tamar ‘ditched her cast and ‘stormed out’ at intermission after she did not get her food delivery, a source revealed.’ Needless to say, fans were extremely upset.

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