Tamar Braxton Praises Her Nephew's Talent - Check Out Her Video Of Him

Tamar Braxton Praises Her Nephew's Talent - Check Out Her Video Of Him
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Tamar Braxton shared a video featuring her nephew, whom she is praising. She's telling fans on social media that she absolutely loves this kid. Check out the video below.

'He didn’t ask me to do this but, I absolutely love this kid AND this song. He did it all himself ( the beat and the lyrics) I’m so proud of my little nephew 🥰😚check him out @davidolat6 listen to the full banger🔥🔥🔥🔥💥
https://youtu.be/vinbZt91Za8 y’all know as soon as I grab my knees it’s a problem #hes13' Tamar captioned her post.

Someone praised the boy as well and said: 'This song actually SLAPS!!!!'

A follower posted this: 'I love that you’re doing this for him 😃 I’m done she said “ y’all know as soon as i grab my knees it’s a problem” 😭😭 you are so funny.'

One other commenter told Tamar: '@tamarbraxton we ready for your new music and new shows we miss you so much 😭❤️🔥'

Other than this, Tamar is living her best life together with her son, Logan Herbert and her boo, David Adefeso .

David shared a really inspirational message on his social media account these days and you can check it out below:

'I once asked a new friend how she was always so confident, happy and successful...all at once. She always seemed to be laughing, was always willing to lend a hand, took big risks most others avoided with what I personally observed could only be described as contempt for fear, and was at the very top of her professional career and rising ever faster daily. In response to my question, she told me the story of her dad: He died when she was just a child. She visited his gravestone for weeks hoping he’d wake up,' David began his post.

He continued and said: 'Her little mind couldn’t wrap itself around why God would allow the kindest, smartest and most gentle person she’d ever known to go so fast. After a few weeks of daily visits it finally dawned on her that he was never coming back. Life always ends, she realized, often much sooner that we want it to. So if we must all one day die, why waste one day living a life you don’t want to? Why not live life by doing the things you want to do, being the person you want to be and being with the people you want to be with? This friend of mine is younger but she taught me a valuable life lesson.'

David concluded by saying: 'A lesson, coincidently, reinforced in a friend’s post I read the other day, and I paraphrase: “many of us copy others. But going through life is like answering questions to a quiz....and each person’s quiz question is different”. What did this young friend of mine teach me? To Live By My Own Rules...Because I’m Playing the Game Against Myself!'

His fans praised his story in the comments and they completely agreed with his words.

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