Tamar Braxton Posts New Pics With Her Boyfriend After Getting Slammed

Tamar Braxton Posts New Pics With Her Boyfriend After Getting Slammed
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Tamar Braxton’s sister received heartbreaking news after her ex-husband passed away.  Gabe Solis died at only 43 years old .

Trina Braxton's ex-husband had been battling cancer, and he kept this a secret even from his family, according to the latest reports coming from TMZ.

Tamar got slammed on social media after she promoted Fashion Nova in a few posts.

After she addressed the tragic event, saying that she did not speak about it before Trina did, Tamar supported the brand once again in that post as well.

That was the moment in which people got really mad, slamming Tamar for addressed Gabe's death in the same post in which she was promoting Fashion Nova.

Now, she shared a few pics from her vacay with the new boyfriend and Vincent Herbert's son, Logan.

This time, fans seemed more understanding, and they were happy to see her having a good time.

For instance, someone said that 'The fact that he’s around her child speaks volumes @tamarbraxton she’s a momma bear like me don’t just randomly around IJS ???'

One follower posted 'And he is seeing his mommy happy ... I love it my 6-year-old begging for mommy to have a boyfriend.'

A commenter told Logan's mom: 'Tamar you deserve every bit of goodness girl. You're my inspiration.'

Someone else wants haters to leave Tamar alone so she can enjoy life: 'No matter what you do in life, or how you do it or where you did you yours, there must be critics, nosey busy bodies and all they want is explanations? For what? This is Tamar’s life, and she loves everything she does people! Why all these pointless and annoying comments. She doesn’t give a hoot! She is happy. Stop stressing over someone ‘s love life. By the way, chic, Enjoy.'

How do you feel about Tamar's new relationship and the fact that Logan is around her new boo?

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