Tamar Braxton Poses With Missy Elliott And Fans Are In Awe

Tamar Braxton Poses With Missy Elliott And Fans Are In Awe
Credit: BET

As it was already reported, Missy Elliott was one of the important celebrities who attended Kandi Burruss' the Dungeon show. Now, Tamar Braxton also posted a pic featuring the queen after Kandi did the same thing.

'Me and my girl @missymisdemeanorelliott ran that back for the β€˜99 & 2000’s 😝' Tamar captioned her photo.

Someone wrote: 'There'll be no disrespecting me (there will be no disrespecting me) 🎢🎡 love that song with missy.'

A follower posted this: 'This picture says β€œI’m not your hoe I’m not your freak I’m not your trick but I’m naturally beautiful high quality I’m tired of you disrespecting me” πŸ™ŒπŸΎβ€οΈ'

One fan shared: 'You guys should do a song together I need a new Tamar Braxton album.'

One other person wrote: 'I hope Yall Can Make A Song Together Yall Are To Of My Favorite Ppl 😍😍😍😘😘'

A follower wrote this: 'Ain’t nothing like good and fine black Queens!! Win Queens WIN!!!!!'

Someone told Tamar: 'tamarbraxton Love you BOTH. Now, we need you two to collab! #MakeItHappen #TheStreetsWantIt.'

Another Instagrammer wrote this in the comments: 'Would be dope if y’all worked on some more music together again @tamarbraxton @missymisdemeanorelliott.'

Just the other day, Tamar shared a video on her social media account from a recent performance she had at the Dungeon show together with Kandi and more stars.

Tamar is putting all of her best assets on display on stage , and fans cannot get more excited.


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