Tamar Braxton Pays Homage To Sister Trina's Ex-Husband Gabe Solis And Makes Some Money While At It

Tamar Braxton Pays Homage To Sister Trina's Ex-Husband Gabe Solis And Makes Some Money While At It
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Diva Tamar Braxton took to social media to pay tribute to her late ex-brother-in-law, Gabe Solis and made sure to use the post to make some money by advertising a controversial brand.

Gabe, who was the husband of Trina Braxton, died at the age of 43 after a secret battle with cancer.

Tamar, her son, Logan Herbert, and her Nigerian boyfriend are currently in Africa on Christmas vacation.

The former co-host of The Real said in her tribute that she was dancing while listening to Gabe's music and wearing cheap clothes from Fashion Nova .

Tamar wrote in her tacky post: "There is NO RESPECT when it comes to social media. I don’t believe it was designed for people to have a platform to bully, say what they want, to create mess, or speak against you or to control your destiny. I’m trying things a little bit differently these days. So me posting about @gabe_solis1234 death BEFORE Trina and her asking that we keep it private for his family’s sake would have been in bad taste and also going against my sisters trust. I’m on vacation, and we heard about the news shortly before you all did. I myself found out he was sick just 3weeks ago. NO ONE expected this!!! All I have to say is I’m sorry to his family for their loss and to @trinabraxton1 who is really hurt and devastated. Please be kind to yourselves and others.. and my family at this time. remember it is the holiday season it can’t be easy for NONE of us ?? I’m dedicated this post to you Gabriel dancing to your song ( big punisher) in my inexpensive @fashionnova jumper... see i do listen to u.. i don’t spend a lot of money on clothes??? ( cheap ass) ???rest easy BIL? #imsosorry?"

Many are bashing Tamar and others are defending her actions.

One person said: "It’s really sad. This is a very private moment for the Solis family, and yet Tamar who is so far removed from the situation is getting dragged for no reason."

Another commenter shared: "Damn, y'all act like she living her life through social media and have to tell the public EVERYTHING. Only social media "advertiser" live through likes and shares ? @tamarbraxton my condolences to your entire family, his family and those close to him. God bless."

This fan claimed: "And if she didn’t post about her sister ex’s who cares no one likes exes anyways and you don’t even know Trina stance everyone has moved on accordingly and so should y’all."

Tamar does not care what others think of her actions.

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