Tamar Braxton Opens Up About Her Future Show While Shading 'The Real' And Addressing The Gabe Solis Controversy

Tamar Braxton Opens Up About Her Future Show While Shading 'The Real' And Addressing The Gabe Solis Controversy
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Tamar Braxton is answering all the burning questions about her late ex-brother-in-law and her new talk show while throwing some massive shade at The Real .

After Tamar was booted from The Real , she announced that she was working on her own program with Steve Harvey.

However, several months have gone by, and fans are still waiting for Tamar to make the big announcement.

Tamar recently did an interview where she reassured everyone that 2019 is her year of action.

She explained why her show was pushed back saying: “It’s going to be amazing, and we’re still working out a lot of the details about what it’s going to be about and what’s going to happen. But it’s definitely going to happen.”

The mother of one went on to clarify: “Like I said before, a lot of people thought that after The Real I wasn’t able to get a job in television, but that was just simply not true. I was contractually obligated to not be on television, and it was really hard for me as a matter of fact. It almost sent me into a deep depression because I really, really loved my job and loved what I did. And I had a lot of opportunities. As a matter of fact, I had three different talk shows that was available for me to do and had to turn them all down because of those contractual obligations, but that has changed. Look at God! Thank God. God and the universe are still smiling down on me, and I’m able to do a bunch of television shows that I haven’t been able to do, so those are all coming out next year, and I can’t tell you ‘cause I’m gonna get in trouble! I just got my freedom! I can’t tell you.”

Tamar was bashed after she used the death of Trina Braxton’s ex-husband, Gabe Solis, to make money with Fashion Nova. The move led to many of her fans bashing her.

One of them said: “Tamar put this post up after the media announced his death and I think that it’s cruel and insensitive. She should have had a moment of silence like the other sister’s and not post anything until Trina announced it.”

She explained her lack of empathy: “Gabe was not my husband. Why would I post an ad on a RIP?? It was a joke between us, and also his family asked if we didn’t post pictures!! I don’t understand why I’m being dragged??! Hold me accountable for my own nigga [how bout that]!!”

Tamar always does what she wants.

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