Tamar Braxton Made Her Fans Laugh With This Post Related To Men

Tamar Braxton Made Her Fans Laugh With This Post Related To Men
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Tamar Braxton made fans laugh with this latest post that she shared on social media and then deleted it. It's about men, but you better check it out for yourselves below.

A follower commented: 'She ain’t lying and something is wrong. This is not normal,' and someone else said: 'But is she lying? 😂😂These dudes want their homeboys 🤷🏾‍♀️'

One commenter wrote: 'I keep saying this all the time, finally someone said it 🤦🏾‍♀️👏🏾' and a person asked: 'Girl who you talkin bout tho??? Don’t be this messy and not @ him! 😂'

Someone wrote this: 'Right I keep telling y’all a lot of men out here with boyfriends on the low. It’s not you girl he is just taken already on the low.'

A person explained the latest things that Tamar said: '“And that’s on my mama” when black people want you to know how serious they are😂😂😂'

Anyway, in more serious news, Tamar revealed an announcement for her fans - the dates for her concerts:

'Almost gone!! I got all the tea at these shows baby!!! Come get your life! Periodt #onmymama,' she captioned her post.

A follower said: 'Stop w this photo get a new one with you embracing your natural shorty cut I love it better. Here you look like you singing with Mr Herbert “ your my Monday and my Friday” so whack.com.'

One commenter wrote: 'Tamar, you're a bad girl! Don't let no one tell you differently. I pray you have a long life. All our great African American performers seem to be dying off. Remember to stay true to yourself, spend quality time with yourself, your son, sisters and most of all God. He will never lead you wrong. Take care! ❤️'

Just the other day, Tamar told her fans that she wants a baby girl in 2020 .

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